Products at the Show 2018

Here you can find products that exhibitors will be bringing to the Show. You can sort by product name alphabetically or filter for specific product groups.
  • Alphatec® 4000
    MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec® 4000 is designed to provide an exceptional barrier against organic and inorganic chemicals as well as biological agents.
  • Microflex 93-852
    High Risk Nitrile Disposable Glove. Provides extra protection for chemotherapy drugs and chemical splash
  • Microflex® 93-852
    Black color for maximum contrast to powdery white substances
  • Alphatec® 2000
    AlphaTec® 2000 STANDARD offers low hazard liquid chemical resistance, particle protection, protection from pesticides and barrier to biological agents.
  • Emergency Medical Bags, Torch and Trainingi
    Speacial Offers on Our stand with new Torch innovations
  • Dog Search
    Our specialist Dog Team train to the highest levels possible and have assisted with search and rescue Internationally and closer to home. Currently we have six handlers and five canines who are all part of our specialist team and must complete two to three years of training before assessment as an operational asset.
  • Community Support
    We run a number of community support projects in and around the local areas around our bases. From local education to helping older people get out and about, to delivering logistical projects, rebuilding and mentoring out volunteer team is there to help those in need.
  • UK Community Resilience
    Serve On is developing a national network of formally trained volunteer Community Resilience Teams to support the Emergency Services and Local Authorities in their response to emergencies and major incidents.
  • International Search and Rescue
    Serve On’s International Response Team (IRT) comprises a highly trained team of experts available 24 hours a day to save lives by responding to disasters, anywhere in the world.
  • The UltiM8 POWERdrive MAX

    The UltiM8 POWERdrive MAX

    Simon Wakefield

    The UltiM8 POWERdrive MAX, designed to work with the XL BLACK SCORPION Letterbox Tool. Allows you to tackle high security locks on the inside of the door whilst you're on the outside; GENIOUS!
  • Getting in to Locked Doors was never so easy...
    INTRODUCING the Worlds only PATENTED Letterbox Entry Toolkit
  • Stretcher mattresses

    Stretcher mattresses

    Dan F. Schragen

    with integrated baby- and child-restraint system
  • Vehicle Cleaning Range
    Rozone supplies a comprehensive range of quality vehicle cleaning products for customers maintaining their own fleet appearance & brand image. We offer an excellent range of TFRs for every application. Each one easily removes traffic film, fuel stains and fly splats. Our selection includes TFRs that are non-caustic and can be applied manually, with a pressure washer or via a Brushwash system. Our range of interior valeting products are designed to be fast and efficient to use. Products such as Glass Cleaner in a refillable trigger spray - a cost effective alternative to aerosol glass cleaner or Sanitiser / Odour Control for safe disinfection and odour control in cabs and vehicle Rozone have been supplying the Automotive Fleet Industry for over 20 years with a specially developed range of Cleaning, Maintenance & Service Products – all designed to effectively, clean and maintain whilst protecting the health and safety of technicians, ensuring legislative compliance, safeguarding the the environment and raising presentation standards for a company.
  • Brake & Clutch Bleeding Systems
    Rozone`s mobile brake maintenance units boast a simple one man operation providing a quick and easy brake fluid change. Rozone is the UK partner of Romess. Romess Brake & Clutch Bleeders comply with the requirements of OEMs and have received official approval and recommendations from the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Ford and Volvo.
  • Smartwasher
    The safe alternative to solvent parts cleaners - Rozone`s bioremediating, self-recycling Smartwasher reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helps technicians work more safely and also benefits the environment. It emits no fumes and assists with ISO14001 compliance. Its innovative technology reduces waste fluid generation, cutting the expense of hazardous waste removal and bringing savings to the user.
  • Vacuum Mattress Stretcher
    Full body immobilization keep safe transporting. Durable nontoxic environment-friendly TPU material. X-Ray, MRI and CT are compatible.
  • International Ambulances Introducing the ACESO

    International Ambulances Introducing the ACESO

    International Ambulances Ltd

    Introducing the ambitions and goals of the the ACESO an all new 21st Century Ambulance designed from the ground up. More information will be available at the ESS 2018 Show from 19th September 2018.
  • 999 Academy Website and Handbook
    Launch of a new website and a hanbook to help demonstrate what we do and how you can be part of this programme
  • First Aid Pack
    The First Aid Pack from PAX is a high-quality solution designed for wall mounting inside a building or vehicle. The bag can accomodate a wide range of dressings and accessories which are accessible by its Fold-down design. The outer and inner fabric are wipeable and easily cleanable, and a top handle allows easy transportation.
  • Patrouilleur S
    The PAX Patrouilleur S is a technical, lightweight & water-resistant backpack designed for Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue. The Patrouilleur S incorporates magnetic side clips for Skis, poles or probes and a front attachment for an ice-axe or similar. The front pockets will hold personal clothing or a small AED. Internally a selection of colour coded pouches categorise the Medical equipment. The Patrouilleur S utilises a fully-adjustable shoulder carrying system that is designed for enhanced comfort over extended periods of wear. In this way the Patrouilleur S performs perfectly as a lightweight ABC backpack.
  • Payroll, rostering and on-call availability integrated in 1
    FireServiceRota combines wholetime and on-call firefighters as well as support staff to work and collaborate in one system. This provides one integrated view on operational resilience, resource availability and allows an integrated approach to address crewing deficiencies.
  • Side Swing HMS Autolock karabiner
    A wide, rounded HMS shape with a quick to operate single twist autolock action gate. The gate opens at an angle for a larger 26 mm opening.
  • Rescue Universal PFD
    A high-float, one size fits all PFD, which can outfit your whole emergency response team. With all the essential safety features, it's quick to adjust for a secure and safe fit. Failsafe shoulder webbing and heavy-duty ripstop material make this buoyancy aid strong and durable for extended service.
  • Prometheus PIN
    The Prometheus PIN® provides rapid intraosseous (IO) access when gaining intravenous access is challenging or impossible. The Prometheus PIN® can be used in emergency medical or trauma cases and can remain in-situ for up to 24 hours.
  • ROYAX Medical Cases & Bags
    ROYAX medical cases and bags have been designed and produced with the purpose of providing quality and durability. The most important function of medical bags is to offer quick access to all chambers, sections and medical instruments in critical situations. Considering every emergency scenario, we provide users with a wide variety of medical cases and bags with the best ergonomics and usability.
  • Vacuum KED & Splints
    All our Vacuum KED's and Splints are carefully designed as: - Multi-chamber system for fast, safe and easy application, - Fits most patients (pregnant, overweight, ...), - Replaceble, washable, with double sided adjustable belts, - Rugged and bio-compatible exterior material, - Easy clean and disinfect, - Automaticaly closing valve, - X-ray, CT scan and MRI compatible.
  • Head Immobilizer EVA
  • Transfer Chair Stretcher - Stairmann
  • Stair Chair Stretcher - Stairmann Roll
    Safe and Easy on Stairs
  • Mummy Mat - Vacuum Mattress
    For 2018 PAX is excited to introduce a new range of Vacuum Mattresses. In doing so we are bringing over 20 years of experience in Materials and Innovative design from our PAX Response bag range, to a new high-performance Vaccum range of products. The shape of the PAX-Mummy-Mat is aligned to the human body shape resulting in an oversized „V“ profile. This profile allows improved securing of the patient to the mattress. The vacuum mattress can be formed around the patient’s body to hold the complete torso. The PAX Mummy Mat is constructed with the highest quality TEC fabic which is lightweight, infection control compliant and very durable.
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