Emergency Services Show

Products at the Show 2018

  • A&E Ambulance
    With a flexible layout bespoke to you, O&H has some of the most technically advanced A&E Ambulances on the market. We understand that an Ambulance is a working environment therefore our range of vehicles are designed to be spaceous, practical and efficient and are adaptable to the demanding requirements of the Emergency Services.
  • Patient Transport Service Vehicle
    We understand that this is an important operational service, which is why our vehicles are designed to utilise space whilst achieving maximum payload and maintaining patient accessibility, comfort and safety.
  • Sentinel (Heavyweight ROV)
    6 Wheel Independent Hub Drive ROV Capable of lifting up to 100KG Multiple terrain access due to strong motors and independent powered axles, which aid climbing stairs to an angle of 35 degrees. Mission time exceeding two hours. With easy to exchange internal batteries which can extend mission time indefinitely. Used extensively at the Didcot Power Station Collapse. This was one of the first vehicles to carry out search and reconnaissance missions under the standing structure after the collapse. Its tasks including making safe welding cylinders, and removing welding apparatus to ensure that there would be no further explosions during the demolition process. In the latter stages these ROV's were used to lay heavy demolition charges, and precisely position cutting charges that would ensure the correct and safe collapse of the structure. Easily integrates into other equipment such as CBRN and X-ray using a Can-Bus system
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
    Designed with flexibility in mind and with a choice of seating capacity our WAV's make every journey comfortable and safe. Whether you are looking for a single occupancy WAV or an accessible minibus, we provide a variety of options so you get the solution that is best for your needs
  • Hire Fleet
    Perhaps now is not the right time to make a capital investment in a new vehicle, or you have a short-term contract to fulfil. Whether you require HDU, seated, stretcher capable, bariatric, or a small, medium or large WAV, we have flexible fleet solutions that suit you, on a short-term or long-term leasing arrangement.
    The ANCHORA is an anchor device designed by Lyon Equipment. Lyon Equipment Limited is a UK manufacturer of high quality products with our own in-house design and manufacturing team.
  • Archer (Lightweight ROV)
    An early version of Archer was used during the Search and Recon stage of the Didcot collapse (it was the first vehicle on the site proving the concept of the ability to gain access to a dangerous and radio susceptible area) . These small robots got right up to the collapse area taking Hi Res photos of the damage whilst looking for any casualties. Utilising ceramic cutters they bled down welding bottles that had been left full, to help prevent further explosions during the demolition process. In the latter stages the ROV's were used to lay explosive charges and wire them ready for initiation. A rugged ROV that has the capability to be integrated into CBRN and X-ray equipment.
  • Edge Guard

    Edge Guard

    Lyon Work and Rescue

    The Lyon EDGE GUARD stainless steel edge protectors are part of a family of Lyon edge protection systems.
  • RESTUBE Lifeguard

    RESTUBE Lifeguard

    Lyon Work and Rescue

    The Lifeguard RESTUBE is specifically designed for professional rescue use, or for additional personal self-protection for rescuers, and has been developed in co-operation with the SLRG (Swiss lifeguards), divisions of the Wasserwacht (German Red Cross – Water Safety & Rescue) and DLRG (German Lifesaving Association). Restube is currently being used and tested by Lifeguard associations around the world.
  • Nordic Pocket Saw

    Nordic Pocket Saw

    Lyon Work and Rescue

    USAR, flood and disaster relief operations frequently require removal of timber debris and fallen trees to gain access to or release trapped persons. Using powered chainsaws is quick and efficient, but is noisy, generates hazardous fumes and requires the skilled operator to be very close to the cut zone. Where delicate removal of timber up to 15cm in diameter is needed the NORDIC POCKET SAW may be an answer. Issued to a number of Military Forces, the NORDIC POCKET SAW is a Scandinavian designed hand powered chainsaw that provides a compact, lightweight and highly effective alternative where petrol or electric saws create additional issues. Made of 65Mn heat treated carbon steel, the 65cm long chainsaw blade is specially designed for hand powered applications, with easily sharpened double cutter teeth on each link to provide a smooth and effective cutting action in both directions. The two broad webbing handles allow a stable grip even with gloves and help keep the overall weight and packed size of the POCKET SAW to a minimum. Where remote cutting is required, the handles can be easily extended by use of cord or rope The entire saw including the durable nylon case packs down to 10 x 12 x 4cm and only weighs 122 grams, making it ideal for inclusion in technical rescue kits or as personal issue.
  • Petzl Boreo Helmet

    Petzl Boreo Helmet

    Lyon Work and Rescue

    The new Petzl BOREO is a helmet ideally suited for mountain rescue activities. Designed from the outset to be durable and very versatile, The BOREO uses Petzl’s latest hybrid construction to create a helmet that is both compact and head-covering. A rugged ABS outer shell resists impact, scratches and gouging as well as spreading any impact force over a larger area, whilst the innovative inner EPP foam liner with EPS foam insert gives enhanced impact protection and energy absorption. This construction as well as providing superb performance also enables the helmet to sit lower on the head, noticeably increasing comfort and stability. The head-covering shape, lower at the back and rear quarters, provides reinforced protection against lateral, frontal and rear impact, earning it Petzl’s TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION product labelling. To ensure maximum versatility, the BOREO has four clips for standard headlamp attachment and two holes compatible with the VIZION eye shield. It also can be fitted with the accessory PRO ADAPT mounts for the 2018 model Petzl DUO performance lighting or the PIXADAPT mount for the popular PIXA compact, rugged headlamps. The BOREO is available in two sizes (S/M or M/L) and four colours. Lyon Equipment Limited offer bespoke mountain rescue branding (including reflective panels)for the BOREO in line with current MREW and SMR team layouts.
  • Pocket Pump TOUCH

    Pocket Pump TOUCH

    SKC Limited

    The new Pocket Pump TOUCH continues with the touch screen concept that has proven to be a winner in our market. SKC TOUCH pumps offer the features important to our customers -- ease of use, small size, power, run time, and durability. It is CE marked, RoHS compliant and ATEX certified for potentially explosive gas atmospheres.
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