Emergency Services Show

Products at the Show 2018

Here you can find products that exhibitors will be bringing to the Show. You can sort by product name alphabetically or filter for specific product groups.
  • Eagle FR IND01/02 PBI Fire Suit
    This fire suit has been designed for structural and external firefighting. This design provides the wearer with a unique combination of exceptional comfort and minimal bulk. The suit itself is manufactured using 206gms PBI, in conjunction with a PTFE membrane, ISOAIR/Nomex Comfort liner and Stedshield reinforcement.
  • August issue of EST
    See the latest issue of EST at https://goo.gl/p2QX1v for the Official ESS2018 Show Preview
  • ETF5012 USAR Coverall 225gsm
    Eagle have worked alongside Urban Search and Rescue teams to design a suit for their specialised skills and requirements. This suit has been specifically designed for confined spaces but can also be used on the roadside to assist in road traffic accidents. There are 2 layers to this garment, the flame retardant outer and the waterproof membrane.
  • ETF6 Flash Hood

    ETF6 Flash Hood

    Kevin Rae

    Eagle Technical Products are world leaders in the design and production of fire protective flash hoods. The Eagle ETF6 offers a full shoulder design to allow the hood to tuck below the trouser braces. This design ensures a proper fit and added protection across the shoulders.
  • BAPCO 2019 with CCE
    BAPCO Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019 will return to its home at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, from the 12th –13th March and this time they will bring Critical Communications Europe with them.
  • ETF309V2 Structural Firefighting Glove
    These firefighting gloves are manufactured using Semi-Aniline Cow- Hide grain leather, 1.1-1.2 thickness. This material is dye fast, water & chemical resistant. The inner lining is warp knitted, 100% Dupont Kevlar, tested & approved to EN388, this works in conjunction with the PU waterproof inner membrane. In terms of cuffing, we have used an undyed Nomex/Kevlar blend, in a rib construction. We have added a small percentage of elastane for additional grip to the wrist and shape recovery. The fingers, palm and knuckles are all reinforced for extra durability. The thread used is 100% Kevlar.
  • BAPCO Satellite Series Event, Newcastle, November 7th & 8th
    We return to St James’ Park, Newcastle on the 7th & 8th November for our next BAPCO event. Public Safety Technology - What happens next? Whilst we wait to see new timelines and delivery schedules from the ESMCP, technology moves on and the need to maintain public safety never stops. We are issuing a Call for Papers for anybody interested in presenting on the following themes at the event. Bringing ESN to life. Exploiting and delivering value from the ESN and LTE technology, devices and solutions. Mobility for Public Safety. Modern solution or just another gadget? A Different View. AR, VR and Mixed Reality for Public Safety.
  • ETF20PBI Double Layer PBI Flash Hood
    Eagle Technical Products are world leaders in the design and production of fire protective flash hoods. The Eagle ETF20 offers a full shoulder design to allow the hood to tuck below the trouser braces. This design ensures a proper fit and added protection across the shoulders.
  • ETF2012S / ETF2018S Fire Tunic
    Constructed with Nomex® Delta T outershell – a highly durable fabric. This fabric gives excellent tensile and abrasion resistance. Nomex® offers outstanding strength throughout the wear life maintaining their dimensional stability. Even after 200 washes Nomex® retains its appearance and the colour remains stable. The FC finish ensures an excellent oil and water repellence. Nomex® quilted liner offers excellent thermal protection.
  • One Shot

    One Shot

    Nielsen Chemicals

    One Shot is our single application odour neutraliser and freshener for air conditioning and ventilation systems and is designed to provide a fast and simple solution to stale odours. One Shot is tested in accordance with EN1276 and containse bactericide to neutralise odours at the source, providing a long lasting freshness to vehicle interiors and ventialition systems.
  • Biocidal Cleaner & Sanitiser

    Biocidal Cleaner & Sanitiser

    Nielsen Chemicals

    Biocidal Cleaner and Sanitiser (Foodsafe) has been tested in accordance ith EN1276 at a dilution of 1:50 (v/v) in standard water. Following 5 minutes contact time Biocidal Cleaner & Sanitiser has proven to be effective against the following: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aerunginosa. The non caustic formula is suited for application to soft metals and galvanised surfaces and non-perfumed to reduce the risk of tainting food.
  • ResilienceDirect
    ResilienceDirect™ enables the resilience community to communicate and share real time information and situational awareness on a secure platform. ResilienceDirect™ ensures that the emergency services and other responders are able to plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies across the country, helping to achieve true collaboration.
  • Evolve Dynamics - Sky Mantis Drone
    Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis has been built specifically for emergency services and is easy to fly, 50 minute true flight time, dual 30 zoom and thermal cameras, 1 minute from bag to air and affordably priced. The drone is waterproof and can also fly in high winds. Video can be streamed live to headquarters from the drone in the field with less than 1 second delay.
  • AiRScouter 300
    An advanced head-mounted display - which puts high definition content where it's most convenient – directly in front of your eye.
  • Fire Blanket
    Complies to relevant standard BSEN, produced under BSEN ISQ. Quality Systems and under Kitemark KM3245. The dimensions are 1m x 1m, its composition is glass fibre and it is non hazardous.
  • Emergency Response and Rescue Equipment - 865 framework
    A national framework for the supply of Emergency Response and Rescue Equipment. This framework consists of 12 lots including; Water Rescue Protective Clothing and Footwear, Working at Heights Equipment, Vehicle Stabilising and Cutting Equipment, Life Jackets and Flotation Devices, Lighting, Small Rescue Tools, Crafts and Rafts, Thermal Imaging Cameras and Associated Products, Portable and Pop-up Shelters, Diving Equipment, Hoses and Hose Testing and PPV Fans and Associated Products.
  • Fire Safety Equipment - 582 Framework
    This framework offers customers access to an extensive range of fire safety equipment and associated services. Services and maintenance (which can include the supply of fire equipment as part of a service), is available in 3 different packages: fully inclusive, semi-inclusive, or basic. Items can be purchased by simply placing an order directly with your chosen supplier based on the prices and terms of the framework. Equipment can be supply only and also as part of a service package. Customers with high volume or more in-depth requirements may choose to identify the most appropriate supplier by conducting a further competition. This national framework offers access to pre-approved suppliers, who can be appointed using an efficient and streamlined procurement process to provide fire safety products or associated services to your organisation.
  • LESS Thermal Bag

    LESS Thermal Bag

    Anders Haug Thomassen

    Transparent insulating bag for hypothermia prevention. Welded bag to keep body fluids inside. As seen on TV with i.e. London Air Ambulance.
  • Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair
    The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair is the world’s first truly single-handed solution to lifting someone who has fallen. Faster, stronger, and more stable than traditional inflatable lifting cushions, the Raizer is an ideal solution for transferring someone who has fallen to a sitting or standing position.
  • LESS Triage Pocket

    LESS Triage Pocket

    Anders Haug Thomassen

    MCI triage marking for fast and visible first triage.
  • Primetech upgrades Self Contained Communications Trailer, adds 3tc's MODAS
    Primetech has upgraded its unique Self Contained Communications Trailer, featuring the MultiNet Integrated Communications System and 3tc's MODAS Incident Command Solution. At the Emergency Services Show in September Primetech will be showcasing a new and more powerful multi-agency version of its Self Contained Communications Trailer. The Self Contained Communications Trailer fulfills a requirement for a communications trailer that contains the MultiNet suite of high power, integrated communications systems to gather Incident Ground Intelligence in real time and to support multi-agency operations and a Common Operational Picture. It includes a Ka, Ku and X-Band mobile satellite broadband system operating through one satellite receiver, COFDM MESH and a mast capable of supporting a wide range of different frequencies and radio systems - UHF, VHF, TETRA - plus VoIP, digital television, satellite phones etc. Helmet, body-worn, drone and other cameras can be linked to the system to provide an accurate, continuously updated picture of all sectors of an incident in real time. The system is also enhanced by the addition of 3tc’s MODAS Incident Command Solution to support improved decision making, giving commanders the power to optimise the deployment of single and multi-agency assets and to monitor performance. In partnership with 3tc’s MODAS Incident Command solution, MultiNet allows dynamic operational and risk-critical information to be made available where it is needed, when it is needed, for everyone who needs it. MODAS Incident Command provides a simple, intuitive tool for Incident Commanders and Operational Officers to view and manage a range of information streams through a straightforward map-based interface. These systems will be on display at the Primetech stand at the Emergency Services Show, stand G13. All of these systems, plus a silent running generator, are housed in a robust, waterproof, long-life co-polymer pod (a variation on the Primetech MultiPod) carried on a trailer that can be towed by non-specialist vehicles and drivers, both on- and off-road. Towable by vehicles of any kind, the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer is a self contained, flexible and resilient communications unit that can deliver high bandwidth capability, in any location. Units can be customised to satisfy individual service requirements. Use of the trailer frees up larger command vehicles, essential during large-scale, wide area, multi-site and multi-agency operations.
  • Search and Rescue Organisation
  • GearKeeper RT4-4465

    GearKeeper RT4-4465

    Piet Evers

    Best way to secure a flashlight or small camera against loss or damage from dropping. Retraction force 453 gram.
  • Elite Spider X
    Ten years ago it all began with the iconic Magnum Spider, one of the first lightweight tactical boots on the market. Today the evolution continues. Built on the same athletic shoe last used on the previous generation of Elite Spider, which allows for a natural running or walking gait, the Magnum Elite Spider X’s construction is ideal for keeping officers light and agile on their feet. The new bottom unit includes the exclusive, high-performance Vibram rubber outsole, that exceeds European standards for oil, slip, chemical and heat/cold resistance, with a self-cleaning lug design to ensure no clogging; a compression moulded RECOIL midsole which absorbs impact and provides all-day support; and an M-P.A.C.T POWER PU insole for maximum comfort & shock absorption. The durable leather upper features hardwearing breathable CORDURA AFT 3D fabric air mesh vents, rustproof and anti-glare hardware, a fast wicking lining for moisture management & comfort, and an external heel clip for improved support. See the species evolved on stand C69. YouTube link: https://youtu.be/JM884pdzt6w
  • G999 Personal Gas Monitor
    4-7 sensors with optional internal pump, remote instrument monitoring and man-down alarm
  • G888 Personal Gas Monitor
    4-7 sensors with optional remote instrument monitoring and man-down alarm
  • Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner
    Universal cleaner designed to be the most versatile product in our Infection Control Range. Bactericidal All Purpose Cleaner has been tested in accordance with EN1276 - proven effective against the following: Superbug, MRSA, E. Coli, L monocytogenes and S. typhimurium. • Versatile cleaner, degreaser and disinfectant • Suitable for use on hard surfaces and fabrics • Cleans bodywork, upholstery, interior plastics, vinyl, workshop floors and equipment • Concentrated for performance and economy Available in 5 Lt, 20 Lt, 210 Lt and 1000 Lt pack sizes
  • Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion
    - The Camel is particularly suitable for very large or bariatric people (lifts up to 50 stone / 320kg) - Lightweight - Simple to use - Appropriate for any age - Portable - Packs away into a compact and discreet bag - For use indoors or out - Minimising moving & handling risks - Battery operated
  • Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion
    - The ELK emergency lifting cushion can be used in the tightest of spaces. - Lifts up to 70 stone (450 kg) - Portable – weighs just 3.6 kg and folds up for easy carrying - Applicable for any age - Simple to use - Minimising moving and handling risk – protects carers’ backs - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use - Battery controlled
  • Hammond HDS CP Pro Diving Drysuit
    Developed for the intermediate to expert recreational diver, the Hammond HDS CP Pro diving drysuit is a made-to-measure drysuit for ultimate comfort with neoprene seals, braces, valves, pockets or change your zips as optional extras.
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