Whilst we wait for our live event we are pleased to announce our digital event and podcast series showcasing some of the content from our seminar agendas and other key topics to support the industry in these challenging times.

In Partnership with The Firefighters Podcast

Interview with David Brown, MD, The Emergency Services Show

The global podcast representing the heroes within our emergency services family & members of the public who have gone through tremendous challenges and grown through the pain. The Firefighters Podcast's mission is to deliver a meaningful series of podcasts presented by operational UK firefighter Pete Wakefield. This podcast pulls back the curtain and showcases inspiring guests (past and present) who live and work among us every day either hidden in plain site, as part of the firefighting family or from other critical emergency services in both the UK and across the world.




The Importance of Health & Wellbeing for the Emergency Services



Supported by Mental Health First Aid and Oscar Kilo, this webinar helps raise awareness of mental health issues in the emergency services.  

Key takeaways:

  • What examples of mental health issues within the emergency services and how it impacts those suffering and their families, colleagues?
  • How to handle issues once mental health is identified?
  • How can managers in the emergency services better equip themselves with the skills to identify employees who might be living with mental health issues?
  • How can staff wellbeing be improved to prevent mental health issues from developing in the first place?
  • How can we coordinate our approach across the 999 family and make staff health and wellbeing part of our normal Health & Safety policy?



Speakers included:

Andy Elwood        

Andy Elwood        

Owner of Andy's Landie and Men’s Mental Health Specialist

John Sutherland

John Sutherland

Former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent and author of Blue, a Sunday Times bestseller

Dr Anne Scoging

Dr Anne Scoging

Head of Psychological Services, London Fire Brigade

Dr Catherine Goodwin

Dr Catherine Goodwin

Organisational Culture and Workplace Wellbeing Lead, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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