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#Connect Your World- Enabling Digital Transformation and Integrated Care Pathways across Healthcare

07 Sep 2021
The Emerging Technologies Theatre
The Emerging Technologies Theatre

A panel session exploring the Emerging Technology aiming to benefit patients within the healthcare system by connecting medical teams and care professionals to the technology, applications, and solutions needed to provide an integrated approach to improve patient care and outcomes.
The Connected Emergency Services solution enables specialists to rapidly assess and treat patients in an informed way either remotely or at the scene of an incident. 
Underpinned by a Hybrid Connectivity eco-system this virtual integrated solution enhances the reliability to connect across any environment and brings together multiple real time video feeds, vital patient data and stats at the same time, in one simple view without losing any native quality. 

Join our Panel and to discover more about how this collaborative approach:
•        facilitates a reduction in avoidable conveyances to hospital.
•        supports rapid collaborative decision making, faster triage and treatment through observation data and body-worn technology and more.