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Connecting Your Response -The Driving Force Behind Digital Transformation Projects, Enabling Operational Decisions, Interoperability and Real time Situational Awareness

07 Sep 2021
The Vehicle Innovation Theatre
The Vehicle Innovation Theatre

#Connect Your World - Digital Transformation is at the forefront of UK Response.
The UK and Global first responder sectors are facing unprecedented pressures to implement lessons learned and recommendations at a local and national level. The need to collate, analyse and share accurate, reliable and near real time information with incident commanders, Strategic Coordination Groups and supporting agencies has never been more prevalent!
The requirement for reliable communications, situational awareness and emerging technologies, such as drones, body worn cameras and dynamic incident management platforms are growing, therefore digital adoption is becoming a prerequisite to improve public safety, response and decision making. 
This panel session will explore how UK Fire and Rescue Services are combining Hybrid Technology solutions within their Incident Ground Capabilities to underpin emerging first responder applications and improve the reliability of data transfer across any type of deployment.

The panel will also challenge conventional approaches and thinking towards effective command and control, highlighting the potential evolution of incident management and what the future of first responder operational digitisation and communication will look like.