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Development of Innovative Audiology Speech in Noise testing in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary

07 Sep 2021
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre

The CNC invested in the development of a bespoke Speech in Noise test, which provides an additional tool to traditional Puretone Audiometry Testing, to help them make informed decisions about an individual’s ability to safely carry out a role by assessing, differentiating, and predicting hearing abilities in complex listening environments.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand why it was necessary to carry out the research project and to develop a functional hearing assessment.
  • Understanding the difference between Puretone audiometry and functional hearing testing
  • Understanding of how the test was developed and compares with other Speech in Noise (SiN) tests
  • ​​​​Understanding how the CNC use the tool to support decision making