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Back to work – FAST! Transitioning staff through trauma from survive to thrive

07 Sep 2021
The Learning & Development Theatre
The Learning & Development Theatre

FAST Trauma Support are responders, innovators, and challengers, and we get results – fast! Discover how our evidence-based, cutting-edge process tackles the current mental health pandemic crisis, the rising (too often misunderstood) PTSD/CTSD, reduces staff absence, develops resilience and enhances performance. Trials with a UK Police Constabulary have yielded impressive results, heralding the way for Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma (FAST) to provide proven, viable, highly effective and cost-effective solutions to all Emergency Services. We are looking forward to sharing our 'Why and How', with a chance for you all to experience just how FAST we can get a result.

Key learnings:

- What Emergency Services workers are saying about FAST!
- How FAST offers an all-round win in helping YOU- employer and employee 
- A chance to test the speedy effectiveness of a simple, cutting-edge self-help tool 
- FAST’s evidence of Back to Work ...and so much more.