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Leading with Mental Health in Mind: The future of wellbeing engagement in the emergency services

07 Sep 2021
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre

During this session former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the British Army Nick Pope and CEO of 87% Andy Bibby will share their insights into how they see wellbeing engagement evolving in the coming years. They will focus on the particular challenges faced by Blue Light Organisations, speaking with experience from both inside and outside comparable institutions. Particular attention will be drawn to the role of technology in enabling and enhancing human interaction rather than replacing it. In addition, Nick and Andy will examine how pioneering approaches can make the best use of tight budgets at the same time as improving effectiveness.

Key learnings:

1. Technology can be a key enabler if combined with human interaction; the trick is to get the balance right.

2. Embedding changes in attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing can only be delivered through a whole-force approach.

3. The individuals best placed to create and sustain change in an organisation are its leaders - this is a key leadership function and change starts at the top.

4. With the right resources, structure and reassurance, leaders are well-equipped to positively drive the narrative around mental health; get it right and operational effectiveness will improve substantially.