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When 40-degree summer days become the norm: a panel discussion

21 Sep 2022
Lessons Learnt Theatre
Lessons Learnt Theatre
In this panel session, we focus on the recent heatwave and find out how the emergency services coped when the thermostat reached 40 degrees. West Yorkshire Deputy Chief Fire Officer Dave Walton became a Twitter sensation when he told the world about the reality of responding to wildfires in West Yorkshire, he’ll tell us about his experience of the media. We’ll also be joined by other panellists from across the emergency services sector who will share their perspectives before we look at what improvements need to be made in the future. We’ll be asking what the emergency services should be doing differently if 40 degrees days become the norm in a British summer.
Catherine Levin, Editor - Emergency Services Times
Dave Walton, Deputy Chief Fire Officer - West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Dawn Whittaker, Chair - UK National Water Safety Forum
Chris Davies, UK Head of Crisis and Emergency Response - British Red Cross
Steve Taylor, National Board Member and Public Order Lead - Police Federation of England and Wales
Stephen Arundell, Vice Chair & Director for Governance for the Emergency Planning Society (UK),
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