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The FAST way to Health & Wellbeing. Proving how perception (and your fingertips) hold the key to resolving Blue Light trauma

22 Sep 2022
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
FAST is all about responding to needs, finding and providing solutions, delivering results. By supporting traumatised Emergency Services staff throughout the pandemic, FAST recognised that the term PTSD does not always accurately represent the challenges many experience. In fact, the term PTSD could even be hindering client recovery. Collaborating with researcher Sunita Pattani and a UK Police constabulary resulted in a revealing research paper around this misperceived term, and led to the development of a unique, effective protocol that translates into ground-breaking results for resolving stress and trauma - FAST
Wendy Power-Stoten, Founding Director - FAST Trauma Support (Community Interest Company)
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