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Are record breaking temperatures putting climate change in the hot seat? A panel discussion

21 Sep 2022
Lessons Learnt Theatre
Lessons Learnt Theatre
Join Dr Rowena Hill who will chair a discussion between ACC Shaun West and CFO Ben Brook about how police and fire are equipping themselves and preparing to deal with the challenges of climate change. We’ll look back on what’s worked so far and what change must be made going forward. They will cover many aspects of climate change, from forecasting, impacts on managing resources, risk management, training, the impacts on resilience, preparedness, and mitigation, the impact from politics and beyond.
Rowena Hill, Professor of Resilience, Emergencies & Disaster Science - Nottingham Trent University
Shaun West, South West Police Collaboration Deputy Chief Constable Gloucestershire Constabulary - NPCC
Ben Brook, Chief Fire Officer of Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service - NFCC
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