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Suicide Prevention in the ambulance community

21 Sep 2022
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
Over 5,000 people take their own life every year. Ambulance staff are known to be at higher risk of suicide, and in the first six months of 2021/22, almost 1 in 3 people who came to The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) for help were experiencing suicidal thoughts. In this seminar, TASC's CEO will talk about the hidden toll of suicide, the ripple effect when some takes their life and the new wellbeing initiative the charity is running to provide 24hr support to ambulance staff in danger of taking their own life. The seminar will also include a range of practical advice, tips and techniques from a qualified counsellor to help participants recognise the signs of suicidality and how to check-in with someone who may be struggling.
Karl Demian, CEO - TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity
David Snelders, Wellbeing Support Counsellor - TASC, The Ambulance Staff Charity
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