How to tackle trauma

22 Sep 2022
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
Working in the emergency services is demanding and pressurised. Staff face complex, life altering situations every day. Repeated exposure to trauma of this kind is a significant risk associated with doing the job. Trauma can also influence every level of your organisation. It impacts morale, creates long-term absenteeism and your service's ability to deliver on its objectives. Furthermore, its impact on your people can be profound and debilitating, staying with them long after they have left the workplace. Something needs to be done and can be done. Kooth Work hosts a session, drawing on real workplace examples to identify preventative mental health support strategies, intervention options and systems that have proved most effective at managing traumatic experiences in the workforce. Find out what mental health support your service needs to help mitigate and protect your workforce against the impact of trauma to maintain service continuity.
Brian Rock, Clinical Director - Kooth Work
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