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Prevention is better than cure… putting our officers first

22 Sep 2022
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
The Health & Wellbeing Theatre
Last year, more than three quarters of police officers admitted to having experienced mental health or wellbeing challenges - 74 per cent were aware of force-provided reactive support services for mental health and wellbeing, but less than half were aware of proactive support services offered. Belinda will delve into officer wellbeing and the importance of preventative, proactive support to make changes before the damage is irreversible. With the Government continuing its recruitment programme and retention being an issue, she will also discuss why it is vital to invest in bespoke mental health services for officers to utilise from day one of their career, through to retirement and beyond, including: • TRAUMA CHECK – A programme that allows officers and supervisors to monitor the levels of trauma themselves and their colleagues are exposed to • A mandated performance development review process with line managers that focuses more on an officer’s wellbeing and if they need extra support
Belinda Goodwin, National Board Member and Wellbeing Secretary - Police Federation of England and Wales
Sue HoneywIll, National Board Member and Wellbeing Lead - Police Federation of England and Wales
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