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Shift working: The impacts on worker mental wellbeing and how to support your staff

20 Sep 2023
Health & Wellbeing Theatre | Hall 5
Health & Wellbeing Theatre | Hall 5
Mental health within the emergency services has never been 9-5. Join the Clinical Director from Kooth Work for an engaging session with the Wellbeing Leaders from West Midlands Ambulance Service and Kent police as they discuss the impact of shift work on workforce mental health. Explore key mental health data trends relating to the emergency services and shift work. Hear the professional clinical view on the risks, impact and viable solutions to build into your support ecosystem, with real-world examples of effective methods and how support can be provided.
Brian Rock, Clinical Director - Kooth Work
Vinny Wagjiani, Detective Inspector Frontline Policing at Kent Police and National Police Lead for Health Practice Associates Council.
Sarah Greswolde, Mental Wellbeing Co-Lead - West Midlands Ambulance Service