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Under Pressure: 20 years of learning from a Human Intelligence Specialist's observation of First Responders

19 Sep 2023
Health & Wellbeing Theatre | Hall 5
Health & Wellbeing Theatre | Hall 5
Explore stress, capacity and critical decision-making under pressure. Chris Scott and Gareth Black have spent over 20 years observing first responders across all levels of Incident Command training, exercising and response, and provide feedback on how the body responds to stress and pressure. Why did your mouth go dry during the SCG meeting? Why did you stroke your nose when asked for an update? Why did your regional accent return with a vengeance? Learn from these experiences, and uncover what makes some responders thrive and others struggle to survive. Engage in a discussion on solutions to deal with the pressure of incident response, sharing examples of best practice, and understanding the importance of non-technical skills and the link to mental resilience.
Chris Scott, Crisis & Emergency Response Manager - Chemtrec
Gareth Black, Senior Crisis Consultant - Chemtrec