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15 Jun 2022

The 3000 Series and Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway Brochure

Aico Stand: 5/OS60

Our technologically advanced 3000 Series offers
‘full circle’ protection, with the ability to detect
both Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) combined
with the simplicity of specifying a whole property
from just one range.

The unique SmartLINK wireless interconnection
and data monitoring module removes tricky cable
runs and allows 3000 Series alarms to connect with
each other so that when one alarm is triggered,
all others sound for audibility throughout the
property. Smart, connected and future-proof.

And with the addition of our unique SmartLINK
Gateway, social landlords have the ideal alarm
management system to check on every tenant’s
safety at any time. The Gateway and Cloud portal
use SmartLINK® technology to bring together data
from all the alarms in a building in a simple format
– making maintaining data simpler, management
easier and maintenance more efficient.

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