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CUSTOMER STORY - Memphis Fire Department

SOTI Stand: Hall 4 / E68

Addressing public safety for the City of Memphis, the Memphis Fire Department (MFD) pursues excellence through quality coverage, equipment and staffing for the community they serve. Employing approximately 1,500 firefighters at 57 stations, the main priorities of MFD are to provide fire suppression, rescue services, environmental and hazardous materials response, emergency medical response, emergency pre-hospital services, fire code enforcement, fire investigation, disaster preparedness training and fire safety education. The Challenge The technology MFD used for many years became outdated and no longer met their needs. With over 180,000 emergency calls received each year, firefighters have just 90 seconds to get into their gear, into the truck, and be on route. In an emergency, every fire truck and ambulance available matters. Having even one vehicle’s mobile device placed out of service causes downtime which can be detrimental to the community. If a device is down, that means an emergency vehicle is unavailable until technical repairs have been completed. Downtime in an emergency is simply unacceptable. Emergency services operate 24/7/365. If a device issue occurs in the middle of the night, the device would be down until it could be brought to the IT office the following morning. Add to that time for repairs which could be minutes, hours or even days. With only four IT personnel servicing 57 fire stations, the IT department is pulled in many directions to solve issues quickly. The Solution MFD found SOTI MobiControl and quickly realized the features offered were invaluable. Using a video conferencing app and easily documenting conversations with patients has been irreplaceable to MFD. With their RADAR (Rapid Assessment Determine and Redirection) program, a doctor or nurse practitioner can be sent to a non-urgent medical call, keeping an ambulance on the road and available for emergencies. SOTI MobiControl supports this service by allowing quick remediation of technical issues when they arise. The Results Keeping emergency vehicles on the road is top priority for MFD. With SOTI MobiControl’s remote control functionality, the IT department can remote into over 670 devices in fire trucks, ambulances or other fire department vehicle’s remote computers to fix an issue. There’s no longer a need for IT to drive to a station or have equipment brought in for repair. They can easily remote in, see the issue on the mobile device and fix the problem in a matter of minutes keeping emergency vehicles on the road. SOTI MobiControl’s package builder is vital to the success of MFD. They can deploy apps to devices in minutes, enroll and provision a new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK or iPad in the field, and protect critical data stored on their devices. SOTI MobiControl allows MFD to minimize mobile device downtime so emergency workers stay productive, while saving MFD money on having to integrate with multiple solutions.

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