DLX X-Series Shelters

Deployed Logix Stand: P50

When you must go big or go home, we’ll ensure you aren’t going home. People are counting on you. And you can always count on us to innovate the next game-changer for first responder around the globe. Meet your new best friend, the X-Series.

Those other large shelters have nothing on us. Need more usable space, a smaller footprint, and a shorter setup time? The X-Series says, “Bring it.” Bragging rights include:

  • A modular system for interconnectivity between all DLX Shelters
  • A quick-connect design that doesn’t require narrow vestibules
  • The official shelter of the Next-Gen Field Hospital
  • Because of the versatility of the X-HUB(yes, you heard that right: X-HUB) you’ll have more usable space per square-inch vs. competitors
  • Expeditionary tested and approved.

Oh, and did we mention it connects to the ASAP®?

The X-Series puts you and your team into the field faster so you can focus on what matters. Its robust frame and modular design make it an ideal solution for a deployment of any scale. The quick, toolless setup reflects our dedication to rapid deployment, while the intuitive design reveals our commitment to innovation.

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