KLICK FAST Crocodile Garment Clip

Peter Jones (ILG)Ltd Stand: J30

The Crocodile Garment Clip featuring a KLICK FAST Dock at the front can be attached to shirt epaulettes, shirt plackets, pockets, belts, trouser pockets, jacket zip openings and skirt/trouser waistbands. It is an easy and quick way to attach a KLICK FAST Dock to garments for secure,hands-free carrying of KLICK FAST-enabled portable devices.

The spring-loaded clip opens to allow the back plate to slide
inside a pocket or behind a garment then the front of the clip closes over the outer garment. Small, serrated teeth within the jaw of the clip and a strong tension in the spring mechanism ensure a firm grip over fabric.

No matter at which angle the Crocodile Garment Clip is positioned on the garment (e.g. horizontal on a shirt placket), the device can be docked in any orientation (e.g. vertical) or rotated to the preferred angle.

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