26 Aug 2021

Making the most of LTE

NEC Software Solutions Stand: P84

Cortex is our software-only Integrated Communication  Control System (ICCS) that places all your familiar hardware – radio,  telephony, CCTV and talk groups – onto one screen.

Stream offers unparalleled visibility that can help you accurately assess situations as they unfold, identify key witnesses and suspects, and make faster, more confident deployment decisions. Providing an enhanced level of situational awareness, our Stream software is your eyes and ears on the ground, providing a simple and seamless solution that can dramatically improve the effectiveness and speed of your emergency response.

Maps uses advanced locational tools and data including eastings & northings, postcodes and what3words, integrated real-time traffic information, live tracking and event replay, and satellite and street-view mapping. This helps you deploy the right resources based on proximity and skill sets, optimise directions on the ground, speed up investigations and plot the quickest route to unfolding incidents.

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