Moving Public Safety to the Cloud - E Book

Hexagon Stand: B22

The cloud isn’t a new concept, but some still don’t understand how it works. Simply put, it’s a secure, webbased network of servers that allows agencies to store and access their data and software from anywhere. By leveraging a trusted provider to handle core IT and administration in the cloud, public safety leaders can focus resources on improving operations and delivering mission-critical services faster. The cloud also offers a reduced total cost of ownership as technology changes and computer processing demands grow, forcing agencies with on-premises solutions to upgrade their IT environments much more frequently. Despite benefits of the cloud, the public safety industry has been hesitant to fully embrace its capabilities. But times are changing. A survey by Deloitte found 62% of government agencies have moved at least some applications to the cloud, while more than two-thirds say they now require a degree of cloud access to be successful at work

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