26 Aug 2021

NEC Duty Management

NEC Software Solutions Stand: P84

Your teams’ welfare is the number one priority. Having sharp and focussed officers means more effective policing. Ensuring you deploy the right people at the right time means you can manage demand and reduce risks to the public you serve. Our duty management software is used by approx 35% of police staff across England and Wales  and has been delivering value for forces big and small, from the Metropolitan Police to the  Channel Islands. 
Reduce time spent managing staff and reinvest it into reducing crime and saving lives; duty management can help you manage everything from overtime to court appearances, allowing you to deliver the highest quality public service.  NEC Duty Management enables you to both plan rosters and respond to real-time events with optimum safety and efficiency built in. With instant access to data and tools to enable you to analyse overtime and unsociable hours, you can manage costs with employee welfare in mind.


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