26 Aug 2021

NEC Evidence Manager

NEC Software Solutions Stand: P84

With the ever-evolving complexities of criminal cases, it’s essential that you can collect evidence easily and efficiently so that it’s robust and reliable in court. Our evidence management software will help your force develop a stronger case, ensuring you secure justice for victims. Being hosted in a secure cloud environment allows you to safely manage a wide variety of evidence formats, from audio and video to PDF and images. Giving you the capabilities to bundle evidence into a single, more manageable file will save time and admin costs.   
Evidence Manager can also be integrated with Hearings Manager and Case Publishing Manager, allowing prosecutors to access evidence from any location with no need for plug-ins. Streamlining the police interview process and allowing you to manage case data centrally means you can focus your time where it matters. As a scalable solution with terabytes of storage, you’ll be able to build a winning case every time.


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