26 Aug 2021

NeoFace Watch

NEC Software Solutions Stand: P84

With increasing threats from the most serious  and organised crimes including terrorism, exploitation, slavery and trafficking, your force can be at the forefront of this battle by leveraging the latest technologies. Proactively identify high-risk individuals and groups to protect the public from harm through facial recognition that gives you more eyes on the ground; increasing capacity of your officers on the front line. Our Neoface Wach software has over 100 million enrolments and is relied up on by 57 countries and territories across the world. With thousands of connected camera streams, daily transactions and deployments spanning worldwide, we’re making it easier to protect your community. 
By using specialist, off-the-shelf hardware, our technology enables deployment at any scale; from single use laptops through to national highly resilient and complex solutions. Developed over 40 years, with direct input and collaboration from our customers, we’ve got a proven track record with consistent performance, so you can rely on us to help you protect the public you serve.

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