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01 Aug 2019

OTTO NoizeBarrierTM TAC Communications Headset—The Clear Choice for Tactical Operators

Michelle Williamson

The OTTO NoizeBarrierTM TAC is the industry’s first fully modular tactical communications headset featuring crystal clear radio communications, 360˚ advanced situational awareness, and industry-leading hearing protection for mission-critical operation. 

With OTTO NoizeBarrierTM TAC You Can Hear the Difference The OTTO NoizeBarrierTM TAC signal-processing circuitry and 40 mm Dual Voice Coil speakers—designed and engineered specifically for combat applications—provide accurate sound reproduction without distortion and with the broadest frequency response available.

The result is crystal clear comms and 3-D audio imaging, delivering an unparalleled soundscape experience for maximum safety and combat effectiveness. The OTTO NoizeBarrierTM TAC sound localization microphones with both wind and noise suppression technology transmits verbal communications without noise to enhance mission success. 

Main features of the OTTO headset:

  • IP68 (fully waterproof headset – 3M ComTAC is only IP54)
  • 29dB hearing protection (higher than 3M ComTAC)
  • Improved 360 degree situational awareness (much better to hear the source of sounds)
  • Higher audio from the Tetra radio
  • Inter-changeability from headband to Ops Core helmet rails
  • Good connection to low cut helmets (something the ComTAC struggles to achieve)
  • Full compatibility to Juma TAC-PTT solutions with wireless PTT options



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