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05 Sep 2023

Ventus Respiratory TR2 Tactical Respirator

Thomas Jacks Ltd Stand: 5/L172

Tactical operators are exposed to a myriad of airborne particulates during complex operations and high-volume training. Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Ranges expose firearms officers to high levels of particulate matter emitted from firearms – especially lead and copper. The predominance of shorter barrelled carbines in armed policing exacerbates this since any unburnt particulate matter is closer to the face of the firer.

Other scenarios that expose first responders to airborne particulate threats include Breaching and Explosive Force Entry (EFE), drug interdictions, operating in known/unknown toxic environments such as derelict infrastructure, industrial complexes and contraband production facilities. Callouts to support operations during structural fires or industrial accidents also risk contaminated particulate exposure.

Long-term exposure to these particulates is only now starting to be fully studied and understood. Multiple reports have been published since 2012 based on experiences from Iraq, Afghanistan and from firing ranges. Health risks include Lead poisoning, kidney failure, Silicosis, Neurotoxicity, lung cancer, anaemia, nerve damage, COPD and asbestosis.

Protection against such risks for first responders requires CE certification under EN 140:1998 and EN 143:2021. Until recently, tactical masks certified to these standards have not been available.

This has all changed now that the Ventus Respiratory TR2 Tactical Respirator and its particulate filters have received full CE certification.

The TR2 has been developed by a team that is Veteran-run and owned. The development team are end-users. It was developed through years of testing on live ranges, air pollution laboratories and by engaging the medical community to understand the causes of respiratory illness. 

Ergonomically designed for firearms operators (probably the smallest form factor of any tactical respirator) and weighing just 150g (inc. filter and strap), the TR2 is a one-size fits most solution with 93.7% of users passing fit factor testing (NIOSH bivariate face panel). The mask itself is made from medical-grade silicon and Polycarbonate and its flex to fit universal seal has been designed to fit the largest range of face sizes and shapes – it can even provide a facial seal on most wearers with facial hair. The filtration works on 97% of solid particles down to 0.75µm (85 LPM, CMD 75nm +/- 20nm, GSD 1.86). Filters can be quickly and easily replaced. Two strap sizes are available to accommodate small to large head sizes. A helmet strap option allows fitting to the ARC rail of ballistic helmets. An optional Milspec dynamic mic/cable rated to IP67 can be attached on either side of the mask and allows fitting to comms using a standard Nexus 2-pin connector – it is compatible with ear protection systems and PTT radios.

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