30 Aug 2022

WeatherFile WF1 Weather Station

Richard Paul Russell Stand: C94

At the heart of the WeatherFile WF1 system is the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) which provides the means of connecting the weather sensors via GSM/GPRS, WiFi or LAN to WeatherFile.com. Data is viewable on WeatherFile.com and is also directly accessible within 50m (GSM/GPRS only) of the WCU using its own WiFi on a local display page.

The WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) is housed in a tough, weatherproof (GSM/GPRS & WiFi IP67 rated & LAN IP65 rated) enclosure with high quality Binder plug connectors, one cable connects the sensor to the WCU and the system is powered via a 12Vdc mains adaptor plug making installation incredibly simple and cost effective.

In addition, the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) has a host of features to ensure the system operates consistently at the highest level:
• Data logged even if internet connection lost, data will catch up once connection restored
• Power control system manages individual system elements
• Data delivery to WeatherFile can be scheduled to reduce power consumption
• Optional data privacy via SSL secure login to a private area on WeatherFile.com

To configure your WeatherFile solution simply follow the steps below:

• Step 1: Select your sensor based on the parameters you want to measure (see Sensor Selector)
• Step 2: Select your preferred connectivity to WeatherFile.com; GSM/GPRS, WiFi or LAN (ethernet cable)
  Please Note: Mobile SIM not included when buying GSM cellular option
• Step 3: Select your regional power supply; UK, EU, USA or AUS/ASIA

Richard Paul Russell Ltd work with clients to deliver bespoke solutions, please contact our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email sales@r-p-r.co.uk to discuss your specific requirements.

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