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    15 Aug 2023 ICP NewTech Ltd
  • AVENGER 2.0

    15 Aug 2023 ICP NewTech Ltd

    15 Aug 2023 ICP NewTech Ltd
  • AI for Public Safety - webinar

    01 Aug 2023 Kerry Deering
    AI for law enforcement: Turning real-time data into actionable intelligence Register for the On-demand webinar
  • Financial analytics and analysis, combined with forensic accounting.
  • Altia ACOS

    Ensure compliance, enforce policy and reduce risk when managing informants, undercover operatives and surveillance authorities with Altia’s end-to-end Covert Operations Solution.
  • Identify and analyse crypto transactions using our our intuitive Financial Analysis Toolkit.
  • Solve crime by uncovering patterns, connections and mission-critical information in one court-ready solution.
  • Fast, accurate and powerful transcription from any medium, with the highest levels of security and a full evidentiary trail – saving you time and money.
  • Fully automate the process of converting paper-based information, and analysing it to identify entities, trends, relationships and investigative avenues.
  • Replace notebooks, diaries, handwritten records and forms, cameras and recording devices with one intuitive app that can integrate with your case management system.
  • A comprehensive and flexible case management solution. With visuals and workflows for any purpose, manage your cases smarter and more efficiently. Your SmartCase. Your way.
  • Global Experts in Wholesale Medical Supplies. Leading medical & first aid consumables with lasting value for money. At Aero Healthcare, we make it better.
  • An Overview of the Parapass App

    09 Mar 2023 Class Professional
    An overview of our award-winning CPD app, ParaPass! ParaPass provides a wealth of quick, straightforward resources to support paramedic learning and CPD on the move. For more information or to purchas ...
  • Our latest 59-second review is out! You’re in for a treat with this stunning Audi Q3! This car promises an electrifying driving experience. Let us know what you think!
  • Autel Robotics Dragonfish Series

    22 Mar 2023 Autel Robotics
    The Dragonfish series with payload includes: Dragonfish Lite:  5.5kg and 75 min endurance; Dragonfish Standard:  9kg and 120 min endurance; and Dragonfish Pro:  17kg and 180 min endurance.
  • Airport exercise

    23 Oct 2021 BPREPARED
    Exercise airport. One of the first tests with the BPREPARED software 
  • Atlantic Signal - listening to the customer

    19 Aug 2022 Palmyra Communications
  • Airbox MOSAIC

    Airbox Systems