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  • SMS R1

    10 Jul 2024 Clinton Church
  • 49 North Mental Armor training helps public safety personnel in high-stress environments develop resilience skills to handle stress, avoid burnout, and maintain performance under pressure.
  • Hytera XRugged Smart Device PNC460 combines smartphone and Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio features, enhancing workplace connectivity and collaboration.
  • VM780-Body Worn Camera

    04 Jul 2024 Bellla Liu
    A lightweight design tailored to capture, store and share video, audio and image evidence gathered from the field. 
  • HR655-Compact DMR Repeater

    03 Jul 2024 Bellla Liu
    Hytera's HR655 is the new generation DMR repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR radios. It can be flexibly mounted to the wall or carried on the back via tailored accessories.
  • Hytera E-pole100 enables fixed narrowband wireless networking on poles, walls, and buildings, providing wide area coverage without cables.
  • Hytera's E-pack200 repeater enables quick, flexible communication setup. It's highly portable, functions as a radio, repeater, and mesh node on one frequency, conserving resources.  
  • The HP795Ex by Hytera is a new intrinsically safe DMR radio for hazardous environments. It offers clear voice, long battery life, and safety certifications for industries like oil, gas, fire rescue.
  • Seamless Synchronisation - The perfect interaction between Corpuls3 and Corpuls CPR during resuscitation.
  • ECG max

    ECG Max is the next generation when it comes to diagnostic ECG.
  • Lets look at the oxygen logistical advantages of the MEDUVENT Standard Ventilator.
  • CCSV (Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation) ventilation mode from WEINMANN Emergency is revolutionising resuscitation.
  • CODE RED - Professional Trauma Bags

    24 Jun 2024 Reliance Medical Ltd
    CODE RED bags are built to cope with the most demanding environments, from daily use to emgerency medical and tactical first response, a CODE RED bag will never let you down.  STRONGER SAFER MORE VERS ...
  • Cooltherm™ - Glove

    24 Jun 2024 Reliance Medical Ltd
    Cooltherm™ - Professional Emergency Dressing for Burns UNIQUE ANTI WEBBING DESIGN Burns to hands present additional complications. The skin between fingers can adhere together, leading to webbing. Thi ...
  • Cooltherm™ - Face Mask

    24 Jun 2024 Reliance Medical Ltd
    Cooltherm™ - Professional Emergency Dressings for Burns.  Unique Dual Purpose Design: use as a face mask or large burn dressing Innovative Design: Perforations provide medics the option to determine a ...
  • Axiostat

    24 Jun 2024 Reliance Medical Ltd.
    Axiostat® - Stops bleeding, instantly Proven on the battlefield, in the emergency medical services, in hospital... MORE EFFECTIVE 100% chitosan  Axiostat® is 100% Chitosan and more effective per cm th ...
  • More is possible, so that’s what FlamePro brings you.
  • Icom Inc. Corporate Video

    20 Jun 2024 Icom UK
    Icom has always been at the forefront of developing new technologies whether for use on land, in the air or at sea.
  • The IP-M60 is the world’s first hybrid IP radio that combines two modes in one: marine VHF and cellular LTE. 
  • Amped Replay Update: Motion Detection, Resizable Panels, Improved Audio Support and Much More!

    29 May 2024 Emi Polito, Trainer and Technical Support Specialist at Amped Software
    Discover the latest update of Amped Replay, now featuring Motion Detection to speed up your video evidence investigations! This user-friendly tool quickly identifies movement within lengthy footage, c ...

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