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  • Volvo Trucks Electric Range Video

    31 Jul 2023 Dawn Stoker
    Volvo Trucks Electric Range Video
  • The Vali is a waterproof mid-insulated layer designed to work in conjunction with the 'Munro Jacket', or ‘Firearms THOR’ outer layer as well as being worn as a standalone making a complete adaptive sy ...
  • Munro Jacket

    Designed to combat the harshest conditions, the flagship Munro jacket is a firm favourite with Tactical, Firearms and Dog units throughout the UK. Available in a Hi-Vis option too.  The Munro is hard ...
  • BARTA Advert

    19 Jul 2023 Neil Rae
    An advert explaining the work British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) are involved in to "Inspire excellence in animal response".
  • Water Rescue Equipment by MFC International

    13 Jul 2023 MFC International
  • Single Inflatable Decontamination Showers

    13 Jul 2023 MFC International
    Lightweight and quick to deploy, the inflatable Single Decontamination Shower from MFC International allows for rapid response in a decontamination scenario. Fully inflatable, the shower can be set up ...
  • Rapid Response Inflatable Shelters

    13 Jul 2023 MFC International
    Inflatable shelters provide a quickly deployable structure that is simple to use, lightweight, compact and easy to transport. They are ideal for emergency or humanitarian use, but have a wide range of ...
  • Gas-Tight Chemical Drum Containment Bag

    13 Jul 2023 Respirex International
    A gas-tight containment bag, designed to cover a typical 200 litre (600mm ø x 880mm) drum used for chemical storage and transportation. The bag is designed to safely contain and transport drums that a ...
  • Gas-Tight CBRN BodyBags in Tychem® TK

    13 Jul 2023 Respirex International
    A gas-tight body bag, designed to contain chemically contaminated mortalities and body parts after a CBRN incident. Manufactured in Tychem® TK, a high-performance multi-layer chemical-barrier fabric, ...
  • Splashmaster Liquid-Tight Suit Features Overview

    13 Jul 2023 Respirex International
    The Splashmaster coverall from Respirex is a lightweight, Type 3 liquid-tight, limited re-use hooded coverall, designed for use with a full face mask and filter or appropriate facial and respiratory p ...
  • Our fully encapsulating GTB is a Type 1A - ET enhanced robustness reusable gas-tight suit covering both the wearer and breathing apparatus. Manufactured in a choice of hard wearing reusable suit mater ...
  • GTL Gas-Tight Suit Features Overview

    13 Jul 2023 Respirex International
    An introduction to the Respirex GTL fully encapsulating Type 1A - ET single use gas-tight suit designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals. ...
  • GTR Gas-Tight Suit in Tychem® TK Features Overview

    13 Jul 2023 Respirex International
    An overview of the Respirex Regular Robustness Gas-Tight Suit manufactured in Tychem® TK. This fully encapsulating Type 1A - ET regular robustness gas-tight suit is designed to protect the emergency r ...
  • The NIMBUS Platform

    07 Jul 2023 Nikki Moscrop
    NIMBUS “Reduce the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency and integrity”
  • Firefly Trailer Mounted Pumps

    07 Jul 2023 Sayali Deo
    Trailer Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps: Ideal for combating strong fires for an extended period, these pumps are suitable for remote areas where water resources are available.
  • Firefly Portable Pumps

    07 Jul 2023 Sayali Deo
    Portable Fire Fighting Pumps: These pumps play a crucial role in the initial stages of firefighting, serving as first-aid fire pumps and supporting as a plug-and-play model.
  • We catch up with the authors of 'Mental Health Care in Paramedic Practice', Ursula Rolfe and David Partlow at the official book launch down in Bournemouth. Check out what they say about this exciting ...
  • Interview with Clinical ECGs Author Charles Till

    16 Sep 2021 Class Professional
  • Watch this video to hear Terry's approach to mental health and what his new book 'Ambulance Mental Health Response' details.

EST Webinar Pop-Up - Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles and the Emergency Services: A Three-Part Problem

📅 Thursday 7 December, 14:00 - 14:45

Delve into the evolving landscape of green fleet solutions for emergency services.

As the push towards sustainable practices gains momentum, join us to examine the complex triad of challenges that needs to be addressed: the array of electric vehicle options, the requisite skill sells for fleet maintenance, and the essential charging infrastructure.