02 Mar 2020

Ambulance and Paramedic teams are protected from personal injury with Pacific Helmets

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Ambulance and Paramedic teams are protected from personal injury with Pacific Helmets
Pacific Helmets
If it is necessary for fire fighters to wear full structural safety helmets at an RTC then why expose ambulance and paramedic teams to unnecessary risk?


Ambulance workers, paramedics, nurses and doctors who respond to emergency medical incidents are at the front line of emergency medical care. Why then should ambulance workers be exposed to any greater risk from personal injury than other emergency workers?

Since 2008 UK ambulance services have adopted the view that the use of professional safety helmets rather than hard-hat style products mitigate the risk of injury to workers operating in potentially dangerous environments. Whereas plastic hard-hats have very low compressive strength and are subject to damage from the sun and exposure to chemicals and heat, professional rescue helmets are designed with the rescuer in mind.


So it's with these concerns in mind that Yorkshire Ambulance Service decided to order Pacific rescue helmets for use by ambulance workers, paramedics, nurses and doctors who respond to emergency medical incidents - the largest order ever received by suppliers Vimpex from one single Emergency Service Ambulance Trust.


The Pacific rescue helmet range represents the most versatile and configurable helmet of its type available and offers the most up-to-date form of head protection in a very comfortable, lightweight and wearable package. Manufactured using Kevlar reinforced composite shell, R6 helmets provide the perfect combination of safety, balance and wearer comfort. Options such as adjustable air vents, neck protectors and goggle straps mean that your helmet can be designed to be as versatile as your job is varied. Pacific's expertise in making excellent helmets with a very low centre of gravity means that all users can concentrate on their job rather than neck ache.


Pacific Helmets are tested in the most extreme conditions required for conformity to relevant clauses of the stringent EN 443 standard, unlike some of its competitors. R6 Helmets have the same flammability rating as firefighting helmets, plastic helmets do not. Our composite shells are totally UV resistant and there is no need to put a limit for useful service like the plastic shells. A plastic shell will typically last for around 2-3 years and have to be removed from active service after this time for fear of structural degradation by UV radiation. The helmet's shells are also chemically inert and are coated with an acrylic-urethane paint that is very hard wearing and very resistant against a wide range of chemicals. The helmets therefore retain their shine and still look brand new after several years of service.

Cost of ownership is minimised as repairs and replacement of components is simple. For 35 years, Pacific Helmets has been designing and manufacturing helmets based around three fundamental philosophies - Safety, Comfort, and Quality.

Vimpex is the exclusive UK distributor and service partner for Pacific Helmets and a trusted supplier to many public sector bodies including 15 of the 17 UK's NHS Ambulance Trusts, UK Fire & Rescue and several Police Constabularies. The Vimpex service centre is able to customise helmets to accommodate special labeling, decals and sizing adjustments.

Established in 1994, Vimpex is the UK's leading independent manufacturer and distributor of Fire Detection, Alarm and Evacuation products and accessories. The company produces and distributes a range of high quality Evacuation, Signalling and Building Infrastructure System products - both Vimpex manufactured and supplied by the company's manufacturing partners.

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