20 Aug 2019

Ballyclare at Emergency Services Show on Stand F76

Ballyclare Stand: F76
Stationwear for fire and rescue services across the UK.
Ballyclare will be appearing on Stand F76 at this year’s Emergency Services Show to turn the spotlight on the wide range of garments it offers to the emergency services, by sharing news of its latest major business win.

Stand F76 - The Emergency Services Show


Ballyclare will be appearing on Stand F76 at this year’s Emergency Services Show to turn the spotlight on the wide range of garments it offers to the emergency services, by sharing news of its latest major business win. The company achieved its latest success by securing a major new 4-year national framework agreement which will see Ballyclare supply a wide range of stationwear clothing to numerous fire services who have already signed up to Lot 1 of the National Framework Agreement for the Provision of Workwear.


This latest success comes as Ballyclare continues to make great progress in strengthening its long-standing relationship with the UK’s fire and rescue sector, and it is the result of close liaison between the company and its customers. “We’ve worked extremely hard to develop a wide range of garments that will satisfy the standardised needs of the various fire and rescue services who are covered by the framework agreement,” explains Ballyclare’s Technical Sales Director, Simon Burnett-Boothroyd.


Under the initial phase of the agreement, Ballyclare will supply 120,000 items for various fire and rescue services. “These will come from stocks held at our UK warehouse,” adds Simon. “Our customer support team there really understand the needs of our fire and rescue customers, and they are very experienced in providing the sort of fast, efficient and reliable turnaround service that is so essential in this sector.”


The Ballyclare stationwear will include polo shirts, cargo trousers, office wear, waterproof jackets, windproof jackets and sweatshirts, supplied in a total of 82 different styles and colourways. “We’ll also be accommodating a very wide range of garment sizes,” Simon continues. “These will include unisex workwear in sizes from XS through to 6XL, and four trouser length variations, plus an unhemmed option which will allow for bespoke fitting.


“We have plenty of experience in providing a very diverse range of garments including female fit, maternity wear and religious item such as hijabs, so meeting Kent’s requirements is not a problem for us.” The garments covered by the framework will be available to fire and rescue authorities, as well as the Ministry of Defence and other blue-light emergency services within the United Kingdom.


Customers of the framework will also have access to Ballyclare’s bespoke online ordering system. Designed to help them manage their stationwear requirements, this can be accessed via a standard web browser, and without any need for specialist software. The system gives customers easy access to 24/7 ordering and enquiries, plus accurate and real-time stock level reporting and other information which simplifies the task of managing station wear.


“This new contract also underlines the benefits which customers gain when they sign up to the framework agreement,” Simon continues. “It offers them the opportunity to source everything they need from a single specialist supplier, while making the procurement procedure as simple and convenient as possible.”


Ballyclare’s success in winning this new stationwear business is matched by the increasing popularity of its

Xenon range of multi-layered, multifunctional structural firefighter PPE, which will also be displayed on Stand F76. Xenon represents a real revolution in fire and rescue PPE, and is the product of a brand-new approach to creating multi-layered, multi-functional firefighter clothing. It provides the very highest levels of thermal protection for the wearer, even when wet, which significantly reduces the risk of burns and the heat stress which can impact decision-making skills in a critical situation.  Wearers report that the Xenon garments allow for a slow build-up of heat, but with a short cooling down period, and they also praise them for their ability to dry out 20% faster than traditional alternatives.


Freedom of movement is another key feature that was ‘designed-in’ to the garments right from the very early stages. This strategy has resulted in significant reductions in weight and bulk that provide the wearer with the high level of comfort and freedom of movement they need to perform their duties as efficiently as possible. Available in a wide variety of fabric options and colourways, the Xenon garments also offer the optimum fit for both male and female wearers.


“The Xenon range is attracting increasing interest from fire service customers not just in the UK, but also across Europe,” adds Simon. “In addition to supplying the Xenon garments themselves, we also support customers, where required, with other services such as measuring and fitting, this has helped us win Xenon orders from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. It has also attracted interest from non-European markets such as South America and the Middle East.


“These customers are clearly recognising the benefits of dealing with a proven manufacturer like Ballyclare who is committed to innovation combined with the highest levels of quality, and one who can provide PPE garments that are the product of the very latest technological developments available, This combines with the many other Xenon advantages to make up what we consider to be PPE garments that have really raised the bar, and set a new high standard which others now have to try and match.” 

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