Bliksund and Incendium cooperation on live stream video in nordic prehospital care project

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Bliksund and Incendium cooperation on live stream video in nordic prehospital care project
Oslo – June 2, 2022 – as part of its participation in the Swedish-Norwegian project “Prehospital video in collaboration” (PreViS), Bliksund has entered a collaboration with Danish Incendium. Incendium is the leading provider of video solutions for live streaming mobile phones, vehicles, and drones. Together, they will deliver a future-oriented video solution to support prehospital services.

PreViS is part of an EU-funded collaborative project across borders. The project is funded by Interreg Sweden-Norway and is led by the Swedish Prehospital ICT Arena (PICTA) together with the Innlandet Hospital in Norway. The focus of the project is to look at innovative solutions and map gains that can be triggered using video communication in prehospital care. Through its national position as a supplier of electronic patientcare records to the ambulance service in Norway, Bliksund has good knowledge of the needs of the service. With Incendium's expertise in real-time video streaming, the companies complement each other and will now collaborate on the PreViS project. 

- Innovation is an important part of our DNA and we constantly want to adapt our solutions to the users' everyday lives and needs. The use of video transmission in prehospital services is in demand, and together with Incendium we can contribute to the project with innovative solutions that will give health workers a better and simpler everyday life, as well as give agencies the opportunity to dispose of resources more efficiently, says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Bliksund 

Ttreatment for the future 
PreViS will contribute to research, technical development, and innovation in video communication as decision support in prehospital services. In the project, Bliksund's electronic patient record, EWA (Emergency Worker Assistant), will be connected to Incendium's video solution. This enables the ambulance staff to confer with a doctor who can watch video of the patient in the ambulance, while the doctor sees vital parameters and other measurements in real time. This can contribute to better treatment of patients as well as contribute to better decision support for health professionals who participate in treatment. Using this type of technology, the companies hope to be able to contribute to fewer hospital admissions, correct treatment in time and avoid unnecessary travel that can be stressful for both patient and staff. 

- Bliksund already has particularly good technology to support health and emergency services. By combining innovative technology, we can together help to provide faster diagnosis and more advanced treatment earlier and closer to where the patient is. This fits in well with the focus of the PreViS project and supports Incendium's purpose, which is to create more security through better communication, says Thomas Baun, CEO of Incendium. 



For more information: 
Thomas Baun, CEO Incendium,, +45 226 45 991 
Janne T. Morstøl, CEO Bliksund,, +47 951 96 224  
Cathrine Thaning, Marketing Director,, +47 416 81 740 

About Bliksund AS  
Bliksund is leading provider of software solutions for the emergency and healthcare services in the Nordics. For more than a decade, Bliksund has been a pioneer in digitalizing the emergency medical services in Norway. Our solutions, EWA, and GRID, provide control, digital flow and insight in both everyday work and emergency situations. By replacing paper and silo-based IT systems with one coherent digital platform, Bliksund supports the digital transformation of emergency and healthcare professionals' workday. For more information, see 


About Incendium  

Incendium is a leading Danish provider of video solutions for live streaming mobile phones, vehicles, body camera and drones for Fire & Rescue, Health, Insurance and Police. The product offering includes IncidentShare SMS-to-Video, a platform that provides easy and secure access to live streaming and recording. The company was started in 2009 and has offices in Thisted and Roskilde in Denmark. For more information, see 



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