02 Sep 2021

#connectyourworld with Unblur: creating time and space for Incident Commanders

Excelerate Technology Ltd Stand: K40
#connectyourworld with Unblur: creating time and space for Incident Commanders
Joining Excelerate Technology on Stand M71, Unblur will be showcasing their Incident Command Software, IRIS Core, for the first time. Encouraging the First Responder community to come and visit them at this year’s Emergency Services Show at the NEC, September 7 – 8.

Alfonso Zamarro, founder and CEO of Unblur said: “Public safety is a strong binding community. We work to help first responders to benefit from technology in the front-line of emergencies. The Emergency Services Show (ESS) gives us the place to meet partners who can help us. It gives us the space and time to meet with first responders to understand their challenges, and to find together how incident commanders can become greater leaders thanks to technology. A great place to connect and collaborate with our community.”

Discover how IRIS Core is changing the operative response of Fire and Rescue Services across the UK

IRIS Core is a software that allows commanders to visualise what is happening, and to know where their teams are at every second and what tasks are being done. Commanders can instantly add and share information like decision logs, messages, risk assessments and risk information files between teams, making coordination much easier. Our software openly integrates any source of data and/or tools, to facilitate information sharing and the decision-making process, while digitising the fire-ground.

With the rise of a new technological and connected world tools like wearables, sensors, drones, Geographic Information System (GIS), their emergence has enriched commanders view of the incident. However, it’s also causing saturation.

Our software works as a digital assistant, integrating seamlessly with multiple sources of real-time data, such as video streaming and geolocation of vehicles and teams, together with static data such as maps, blueprints, pre-planned information, and other databases. It integrates all of this data with Incident Command System (ICS) command and control tools, reducing saturation and allowing Incident Commanders to manage the incident from one single place.

Unblur has created IRIS Core to solve first responders' pains like saturation, team coordination and technology latency. We believe technology can unlock operative response for emergency services worldwide.

An industry-changing partnership

Earlier this year Unblur and Excelerate officialised its partnership with the goal to revolutionise safety, situational awareness, communications, and incident response for emergency services across the UK. Unblur are proud to be showcasing this alliance at this year Emergency Services Show, where it will be part of the #connectyourworld series of the event.

Unblur’s account executive and former transformation programme lead and operational group manager Steve McLinden, along with other key technology partners, will take part in the collaborative theatre sessions Excelerate has designed to explore the transformation emerging technologies are provoking onto the public safety world.

Nicola Savage, group marketing director at Excelerate Technology said: “Digital transformation is at the forefront of UK Response. Applications are growing and digital adoption is becoming a pre-requite to improve public safety, response and decisions. This panel session explores how UK fire and rescue services are combining hybrid technology solutions within their incident ground capabilities to underpin responder applications and improve the reliability of data transfer across any type of deployment”

Join us at the Connecting Your Response panel

Vehicle Innovation Theatre.

Connecting Your Response -The Driving Force Behind Digital Transformation Projects, Enabling Operational Decisions, Interoperability and Real-time Situational Awareness. September 7, 11:30 – 12:00.

The UK and global first responder sectors are facing unprecedented pressures to implement lessons learned and recommendations at a local and national level. The need to collate, analyse and share accurate, reliable and near real-time information with incident commanders, strategic coordination groups and supporting agencies has never been more vital.

The requirement for reliable communications, situational awareness, and emerging technologies, such as drones, body-worn cameras and dynamic incident management platforms are growing, therefore digital adoption is becoming a prerequisite to improving public safety, response and decision making. 

Joining the panel of experts:

  • Mark Palmer, replacement incident command capability - project manager at

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service

  • Nicola Savage, group marketing director - Excelerate Group.
  • Simon Hill, technical director – Excelerate Group
  • Steve McLinden MAPD GIFireE - former transformation programme lead and operational group manager for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue service; new role account executive with Unblur.
  • Neil Sadler - Group Commander, Joint Operations Team, Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Neil King, Technical and Operational Support Officer, Joint Operations Team, Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue
  • John Vesey, head of health, wellbeing, and emergency services - Satellite

Applications Catapult

A co-creative philosophy

IRIS has been developed with first responders around Europe, ensuring that all features are relevant for field commanders it is also constantly evolving, to make sure it answers and adapts to the real problems first responders face on a daily basis.

IRIS Core is currently being deployed at Mid & West Wales, Hereford & Worcester and Shropshire FRSs in the UK. At this year ESS, we will be showcasing our technology and sharing our experience from deploying technology in Emergency Services.

If you are interested in knowing more about the platform or how we can help you, come visit us at Stand M71 at the #Excelerate Technology #connectyourworld space, or contact us directly at: Oscar.bachs@unblur.co.uk