16 Sep 2019

Geodesign Barriers presents ‘E41’ and ‘E61’ – a new range of temporary flood barriers at the Emergency Services Show 2019

Geodesign Barriers Stand: J75
The new Economy 41 barrier – ideal for homeowners or emergency staff
The global company Geodesign Barriers launches Economy 41 and Economy 61 – a new range of their already well-established, temporary flood barriers at the Emergency Services Show 2019 at stand J75, NEC Birmingham 18-19 September.

People have come to identify Geodesign Barriers with mainly large scale, high flood barriers but the company actually produces many different types of barriers in their factory in Sweden, with dam heights ranging from just 0.41m to 2.45m. When flooding occurs, you can of course completely surround a property with temporary flood barriers, but sometimes homeowners – or indeed emergency staff – can make a difference by simply diverting the flood water to flood plains or other, less vulnerable areas. Traditionally, this has been done by using sandbags. However, we all know that filling sandbags, carrying them and piling them up in a purposeful way takes a lot of time, skill – and effort. Sandbags don’t always stop water from seeping through either and often you are left with polluted sand from burst sandbags to dispose of afterwards. 


Swedish, flat-packed temporary barriers were introduced to the UK in 2001 by Geodesign and slowly became a well-known sight across the country, during flood emergencies. A common epithet in the early days was: “The 21stcentury answer to the humble sandbag”. The Environment Agency, local authorities and power companies came to realise that temporary barriers are well worth the initial investment as you can use them again and again… and again. Today, Geodesign Barriers are being used worldwide to save both money and to prevent misery for people around the world. 


At stand J75, Emergency Services Show, NEC Birmingham, you can see the newest barriers Economy 41and Economy 61in the smaller ranges 0.41m and 0.61m dam height. These barriers are incredibly quick to deploy and representatives from Geodesign Barriers Ltd will be there to demonstrate how easy it is. Rather than deploying a line of sandbags to stop water from entering your property, you could deploy these small barriers instead. Six people can deploy 100m in 15-20 minutes and 100m can be stacked and stored on just 1m2 – in a garage, or similar.


“Every time we show someone how to deploy our barriers, we get the same reaction,” says Britt Warg, the UK Manager of Geodesign Barriers Ltd. “They always say they knew it was quick – but never realised it was that quick!”


A key focus of The Emergency Services Show 2019 is how emerging technologies are improving the efficiency and operational effectiveness of emergency response. The unique event gives emergency services professionals access to the very best knowledge, training, technology, equipment and support networks to prepare for future incidents and carry out their roles to the best of their ability. Geodesign Barriers Ltd fit well into this context as for many years now, we have provided training for the Environment Agency, Fire Brigades, the Army, power-, gas- and water companies and local authorities.

The exhibition features over 450 exhibiting companies supplying all types of equipment and services to the emergency services in the UK and globally. Three CPD-accredited seminar theatres cover Lessons Learnt, Health & Wellbeing and Emerging Technologies. Visitors ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology and best practice as well as gaining insights from the successes and challenges of recent UK and International emergencies.

In 2018 The Emergency Services Show attracted over 8,000 visitors from across the UK and International emergency services. Entry to the event and parking at the NEC are free.


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Britt Warg

UK Manager

Geodesign Barriers Ltd


Tel:01793 538565

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Geodesign’s temporary barriers are produced in Sweden with a long and proven, global record since 1995. Introduced to the UK in 2001, the company is now framework partner to the EA. BSI Kitemarked, this easy-to-deploy, flat-packed barrier is available in dam heights from 0.41m to 2.45m. 

The barriers are free standing and self-anchoring – no ground fixtures. Suitable for domestic and large-scale use. Deployable on any ground surface and adaptable to local conditions – uneven ground, angles, kerbs, slopes etc. Can be deployed in water. With a 50 year’s lifespan, the combination of strong metal and plastic membrane gives excellent value for money. See photo of the E41. 








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