09 Jul 2019

New Goal Zero super fast, portable charger

Burton McCall Ltd Stand: D51
Sherpa 100 PD
Goal Zero, the leader in portable power will introduce the Sherpa 100PD portable power bank, a fast-charging power bank for adventurers who need to power their tech.

The new Sherpa 100PD is a versatile power bank that includes a USB-C power delivery port, two USB A ports and a Qi wireless charging pad, making it more compatible with more electronics, including phones, tablets, laptops, and mirrorless DSLR cameras. It will charge multiple gadgets at the same time.

The powerful 60W input and output USB-C power delivery port give a much faster charge time for electronics, letting users get back on their way faster.

“In today’s world, our customers need portable power that won’t slow them down,” said Bill Harmon, general manager at Goal Zero. “The versatility of the Sherpa 100PD makes it the perfect traveling companion for adventurers, travelers, remote workers and anyone else who needs quick-charging power at their fingertips.”

Designed with mobility in mind, the Sherpa 100PD’s compact design measures just 7.5 x 3.7 x 1 inch and weighs 1.4 lbs, making it small and light enough to take backpacking or slip into a work bag. Airline approved and travel-ready, the Sherpa 100PD is perfect for charging up on planes or in airports.

Product Features

•Versatile Power Options:  USB-A and USB-C Power Delivery ports, and Qi Wireless Charging Pad give users multiple ways to charge their devices.

•Solar Ready: Pair the Sherpa 100PD with a Goal Zero portable solar panel for endless power anywhere you are.

•Designed for Traveling: The slim and light design makes it an ideal choice for slipping into a backpack or work bag.

Product Availability

The Sherpa 100PD will retail for £179.99 and be available from September.

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