12 May 2022

NOSA - Breathe with care

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NOSA - Breathe with care
NOSA menthol plugs & NOSA microbial control
Every day people are exposed to bad air in their daily work. Bad odor as well as virus and bacteria in the air is a global work environment problem that causes discomfort, infections and even death.

At NOSA our primary goal is to create a better breathing experience for exposed professionals, e.g. Within healthcare, EMS and law enforcement. We have now developed a portfolio of first-class nasal breathing devices that protects the user from the harmful particles exposed to.

  • NOSA plugs – a discreet odor protection that removes bad smell
  • NOSA microbial control – protects against virus and bacteria in the air you breathe

With the “NOSA better breathing” assortment we enable people to breathe without constraints in any given situation.

Bad odor is a frequent working environment problem that affects millions of people every day. According to studies[1], over 64% of health care professionals finds bad odor a reoccurring problem in their daily work, affecting their performance negatively. They find bad odor to be something they are expected to “put up” with, since there is no viable solution to the problem.

“NOSA plugs has made life easier for millions of healthcare workers globally. Our vision is that everyone should be able to breathe freely without discomfort” - Adrian Liljefors, CEO, NoseOption AB. 

The newest member in the NOSA family is “Microbial control”, which is a new way of reducing the exposure of virus and bacteria in the air we breathe. The development of the product started already in 2019 but was accelerated when the COVID pandemic hit us all.

“We knew that virus and bacteria often infect the nasal mucosa in the upper respiratory tract. Hence, we wanted to develop a nasal device that could reduce the exposure of microbials inhaled through the nose.” - Adrian Liljefors, CEO


The product design forces the air to pass through the device where the virus and bacteria gets in contact with the lamella structure that captures and inactivates the microbials. This is possible due to the unique silver ion substrate inside the lamellae structure. In this way, the device reduces the exposure of virus and bacteria that enters the respiratory system.

A reduced exposure to viruses and bacteria in the nose has been shown to reduce the risk of becoming infected.


External lab tests have shown that NOSA microbial control can reduce up to 93% of common flu viruses such as coronavirus, rhinovirus and norovirus as well as 99% of Staphylococci, Pneumococci and E-coli when in contact with the device. 


NOSA plugs is available in 20 countries in Europe and North America. NOSA microbial control was launched in 2021 and is a CE-marked medical device available in Europe.


NoseOption AB is a Swedish MedTech company that manufactures and sells nasal breathing devices. The company operates in 20 countries with customers in health care, police, ambulance and pharmacy.


For more information:

Adrian Liljefors, CEO
+46 (0) 70 228 22 46


[1] POND INNOVATION study by Cint

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