Shallow Water Outboard for Flood and Rescue Applications

Barrus E.P. Ltd Stand: G93

Barrus has expanded its portfolio in the commercial marine market with the distribution of Pro-Drive outboards, a range of shallow water outboard engines built to tackle tough jobs in extreme conditions. 

Designed for heavy-duty use in harsh environments, these engines have no problem powering through swamps, marshes and mud without losing speed and feature a tight turning radius which allows for easy navigation through trails and tight spaces. 

Pro-Drive Motors provide the convenience of an outboard motor and the versatility of a mud motor. Equipped with an electric clutch for instant forward or neutral gear shift, the engines deliver maximum manoeuvrability, handling and safety.

The gear reduction ratio of 1.52:1 allows the engine to turn a large propeller giving superior performance in the mud. An adjustable trim provides additional control and eliminates tiller handle torque making longer trips much less tiring.

Perhaps its most impressive feature, Pro-Drive’s full power reverse system rotates the entire lower unit 180 degrees in seconds to allow full power and control whilst in reverse with little or no effort, even in mud and heavy cover.

“We are pleased to add the Pro-Drive range to our portfolio and strengthen our flood and rescue product line-up,” commented David Etherington-Smith, Sales Manager for the Special Products Division, E.P. Barrus Ltd.  “The engines’ resistance to under water obstruction will ensure that our customers are fully equipped to work in otherwise restricted conditions.”

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