Exhibitor Press Releases

  • We had the honour of fulfilling a last wish in early April in Scarborough, for 41yr old Hannah and her family. They were able to spend some quality time together and with the support of Mybility Wheel ...
  • "Unfortunately Rosie's condition has continued to deteriorate and it is extremely unlikely that we will go out together again as a family, so our trip to the seaside is something we will always treasu ...
  • A Tropical Wish

    Catherine Morris
    The snakes and the meerkats were highlights of the trip and lots of photographs were taken throughout the day. This wish was carried out with the assistance of Caroline and Gemma from UK Event Medical ...
  • Rigloo Ltd

    19 May 2021 Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer
    SCENARIO A You and your search and rescue team have finally located the lost hiker deep in the back country. It’s been a long and challenging search on a cold and windy October day. Your hiker has a b ...
  • Interspiro DPI System

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Nothing beats surface supply diving in regards to safety. But bulky hoses and complicated systems, makes it a hassle for both divers and attendants. To simplify things, we designed the world’s first h ...
  • Divator Facemask Advert

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Every day this mask stands up to the toughest diving conditions. Through decades of innovation and refinement, it has mastered the secrets of the sea. Users have saved both man and beast, seen dictato ...

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