• ICT VAR (Value Added Reseller) Framework

    03 Sep 2019 Mrs Paula King
    ICT VAR (Value Added Reseller), a framework for Commoditised hardware and infrastructure products and commercial 'off the shelf' software.
  • IT Training Framework

    03 Sep 2019 Mrs Paula King
    IT Training framework, a framework covering 1) technical 'off the shelf solutions' and specialist education and training of a technical nature for IT professionals 2) non-technical 'off the shelf solu ...
  • Information Solution Systems ISS

    03 Sep 2019 Mrs Paula King
    Information Solution Systems ISS, a framework for the supply of financial and personal data services to support Forces and other pubic sector bodies in carrying out financial and personal checks.
  • Pensions Framework

    03 Sep 2019 Mrs Paula King
    Pensions Framework, a framework for the provision of pension administration services for East Midlands regional and national Police forces and other public sector bodies.
  • Dolphin 1 - The Remote Controlled LifeBuoy

    02 Sep 2019 OceanAlpha UK
    We are excited to meet both Private and Goverment orginsations to disucss how Dolphin 1 can be ultalised and intergrated as an additonal asset in current coastal operations.  
  • Max Fire Services

    02 Sep 2019 Karl Thomas
    Max Fire Services Ltd has 30 years' experience within the emergency services industry, specialising within the fields of sales, technical service and repairs of a wide range of life saving products. I ...