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19 Apr 2024

6 Benefits of Dispensing Prescriptions with Smart Lockers

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6 Benefits of Dispensing Prescriptions with Smart Lockers

Finding a more efficient process for dispensing prescriptions has been long overdue. So, it’s no surprise pharmacists have welcomed Smart Locker solutions to automate the collection process.

Smart Lockers allow pharmacists to gain more control with a seamless drop-off & collection procedure. This automated service offers a variety of benefits:

Reduced Wait Time

Smart Lockers cancel out long queues and wasted journeys for patients, whilst providing a more manageable service for pharmacists.

Once the prescription has been prepared, it’s simply stored in the secure Smart Locker, and a notification, including a locker code, is sent to the patient for them to collect at their convenience. Creating a seamless, efficient, dispersion.

Self-Service Convenience

Self-service procedures have proven to be hugely beneficial to entities and are highly desirable among customers. Customers can collect at their convenience, which is particularly appealing in today's fast-paced world where people value efficiency, and gain control, speed, and privacy over the procedure.

Streamlined Manpower

We just mentioned how the customer can benefit from self-service, however, this advantage has a positive effect on the team too. Traditionally, a Pharmacy Assistant would spend a significant amount of time dispensing prescriptions to customers. Now that the customer can seamlessly self-serve, the assistant gains time to manage other essential tasks, such as ordering medication, labelling, answering calls, and face-to-face customer service; minimising the rush can reduce errors, provide a more controlled and organised workplace, and enhance employee wellbeing.

24 / 7 accessibility

Smart Lockers systems provide a 24/7 service for hospital pharmacies. As the pharmacy itself has specific opening hours, this can cause a backlog for pharmacists when hospital patients are discharged during closing hours and must return the next day to collect their prescriptions. This simple solution means the medication can be prepared in advance and secured in the Smart Locker, allowing patients to collect at their convenience.  

Advanced Security

Smart Lockers boast advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of medications until they are collected by the intended recipients. With secure access codes and robust locking mechanisms, these lockers provide peace of mind for both pharmacists and patients. Additionally, many smart locker systems come equipped with monitoring capabilities, allowing pharmacists to track access and maintain accountability.

Improved customer service

All the above elements contribute to delivering excellent customer service, but the most effective impact is the reduced manpower required to dispense prescriptions. This extra time allows the pharmacy assistant to spend more one-on-one time with customers who require advice, ensuring they feel heard, understood, and cared for, which in return leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Thinking of investing in a Smart Locker?

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