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AK MedTec Stand: 5/J160

AK MedTec-Winner of the INNOVATION AWARD Secours Expo Paris 2024

By Susanne Hohner, AK MedTec GmbH


Body temperature is one of our body's vital parameters. This is why the device presented by AK Med Tec won First Prize at the Secours Expo 2024 Innovation Awards.


What is Hypothermia?
Hypothermia is defined as a core body temperature below 36°C. It can lead to blood coagulation disorders. For every 1°C drop in body temperature, coagulation protease activity falls by 10%. Hypothermia can also lead to cardiac arrhythmia, electrolyte imbalance, altered drug metabolism and the risk of infection or poisoning.

Warming up
Rewarming offers a number of advantages. On a trauma patient, particularly in the presence of internal or external bleeding, rewarming protects against heat loss and helps optimize coagulation. In another example, on a burned patient, it prevents hypothermia through increased heat dissipation via the damaged parts and optimizes coagulation.

The use of a heating device is not limited to emergency rescue operations. Elderly people suffering from chronic or acute illnesses have limited thermoregulation. This proactive approach maintains patient well-being and improves the quality of care provided.

In response to this challenge, AK Med Tech has developed an innovative device designed to provide the patient with regulated heat through active preheating or direct heating of the stretcher mattress or vacuum mattress.

How it works
Simple analog control intuitive operation: 3 loop-adjustable heat levels, 3-level battery charge indicator. The device features sensors to prevent overheating, an automatic heating shut-off after 45 minutes (to prevent unattended operation) and a magnetic closure of the safety tab́, which holds the battery in case of shock (accident or crash test). It comes with a battery with a 4-hour runtime in continuous operation.

Cleaning and hygiene

All seams are welded internally. The control unit and battery compartment are also protected against liquid ingress. The absence of corners, cracks and edges makes cleaning easy. No liquid can penetrate inside the mattress.

By combining efficiency and innovation, this solution should improve the daily lives of healthcare professionals and enhance patient care.


+ ELMO, the universal heating support

Derived from the heating mattress, the universal support offers an instant, effective solution for maintaining patient warmth during emergency or non-emergency procedures. It can quickly transform a simple stretcher mattress or vacuum mattress into a heating system. Equipped with a certified battery for medical devices and electromagnetic compatibility, ELMO guarantees safe, reliable use.



+ WARNING: There are a number of contraindications to rewarming a patient: heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, resuscitation (if body temperature is between 32° and fever), pyrexia/fever, SIRS (if body temperature is febrile), during complications of malignant hyperthermia during induction of anesthesia, local/surface inflammations, skin infections/parasitic infestation.