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20 Feb 2024

Best Small Cars With Big Boots 2024

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Best Small Cars With Big Boots 2024
Small cars are increasing in popularity mainly due to their fuel efficiency, affordability, lower emissions, and lower depreciation, to name a few are the most essential attributes that make them an attractive choice for buyers. With all the advantages, the issue of limited space is the most significant hurdle for families, as they often requires more room for essentials such as pushchairs, sports equipment, and groceries, making it challenging to accommodate everything in a smaller vehicle. In this article, we've compiled a list of small cars that boast large boots, offering an ideal solution for those who need ample boot space without forgoing the benefits of a compact vehicle. We evaluated these cars based on crucial criteria such as their ability to fit grocery shopping, prams and strollers, and accommodate luggage for holidays and travel. All of these vehicles comes with exclusive Motorfinity discount, so don't forget to miss out on that.

Renault Clio
Boot Space: 391 litre space

Renault Clio is a top choice for those who value efficiency and space. The car provides enormous boot space, and its exceptional fuel efficiency puts it at the top of the list of efficient vehicles. The vehicle boasts an impressive mpg rating of 53.3 - 68.9 mpg, ensuring you get the most out of every litre of fuel.

The Clio shines when it comes to safety; it is equipped with modern technology features that include lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, automatic high-low beam, and traffic sign recognition system, to name a few, making it an efficient and safe car segment. 

Renault Clio has the most significant boot space in the small car segment. It is an ideal choice for those require both a compact vehicle and the ability to carry large items or significant amounts of luggage. 

It cleverly balances the need for a smaller, more manageable car size, without compromising on the essential aspect of storage space, making it a superb option for those valuing practicality and efficiency in their vehicle choice.

The hybrid variant of the Clio has the boot space of 300 litres, lower than the non hybrid variant as hybrids requires additional components for their hybrid powertrain. 


Skoda Fabia
Boot Space: 380 litre space

The other small vehicle with an impressive boot space is the Skoda Fabia. It excels in fuel efficiency, has lower C02 emissions, and has modern technology safety features, making it a solid and attractive choice for those looking for an efficient small vehicle.

It boasts a combined fuel efficiency of 41 to 56 mpg, suitable for the compact car category. Safety is another paramount feature in the Fabia, which provides both driver and passenger with added security and peace of mind. 

The 380-litre boot space is ample for daily needs and typical family use. Fabia also has one of the largest expanded boot spaces at 1,189 litres, which enhances the capability to carry much more significant items and makes the car versatile for various situations.

This impressive storage capacity, coupled with the car's comfortable ride and roomy interior, equipped with clever features, makes the Fabia a smart pick for those prioritising both everyday usability and practicality.

Seat Ibiza
Boot Space: 355 litre space

The other economical and efficient vehicle in the small car category famous for its stylish design, driving dynamics, efficient engine, spacious interior, and boot space is Seat Ibiza.

The vehicle boasts a fuel efficiency of 48- 54 mpg combined, which is decent for its category.

The boot space of Ibiza is 355 litres, which is suspicious and surpasses most of its rivals. Whether heavy grocery shopping is a priority or you want a vehicle that can accommodate heavy luggage for long road trips, the boot space of Ibiza is sufficient for various family needs. It offers a good balance between everyday practicality and the ability to carry more significant loads when needed. It makes it versatile for a variety of lifestyles and needs. 

Motorfinity and Small Cars with Big Boots

At Motorfinity, we're proud to offer exceptional discounts on a range of small cars with big boots. Our strong relationships with various manufacturers allow us to present these vehicles at highly competitive terms.




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