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Bollé Safety Standard Issue - Corporate

Bolle Safety Stand: 5/C230
Bollé Safety Leans on Its Rich Heritage to Advance the Tactical Eyewear Market with its Standard Issue’s division.

Renamed in June 2022, the Bollé Safety Standard Issue (BSSI) division focuses its expertise on the development of ballistic glasses and goggles, providing high-performance protection to tactical operators, shooting enthusiasts, and first responders since 1960. These specialized eyewear solutions are specifically designed to counter all ocular risks in hazardous scenarios. The Standard Issue lineup stands as a testament to excellence, offering a diverse array of high-quality models that seamlessly blend performance, comfort, and protection.

Bollé Safety's distinctiveness lies in its unwavering dedication to innovation, a legacy dating back to 1888. As a part of the Bollé Brands Group, which also includes the renowned sport and luxury brands Bollé, Spy, and Serengeti, Bollé Safety benefits from cutting-edge innovation resources and a state-of-the-art R&D facility. The brand remains at the forefront of progress, harnessing not just the latest lens technology, but also the most advanced materials. Through its Standard Issue division, Bollé Safety is committed to protecting the vision of those safeguarding populations, providing these heroes with the utmost resilience during critical missions.

A range of protective eyewear tailored to the defense and security sectors.

A standout feature of BSSI products is the brand’s exclusive PLATINUM coating, renowned for its anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. This coating acts as an invisible shield, endowing the lenses with unparalleled durability even in the harshest environments. Applied to both sides of the lens, it guarantees crystal-clear vision in all conditions.

This comprehensive range of protective eyewear adheres rigorously to international safety standards, including ANSI, AS/NZS, and the European standard EN166, which establish the foundations for eye protection protocols. Many BSSI models also meet global military standards - MIL and STANAG, ensuring excellent ballistic protection for defense and security professionals. Each product undergoes thorough testing and is endorsed by independent laboratories (Banc Officiel d'Épreuve de Saint-Etienne, BSI, INSPEC, Certtotica, etc.), a testament to its unwavering quality.

BSSI products come in a range of CSP lens tint options, alongside the standard clear version. Each CSP tint caters to specific mission needs and enhance visibility across diverse settings. Whether braving the glare of bright sunlight, navigating dimly lit surroundings, or confronting high-contrast environments, the CSP embedded lens filtering tints and technologies provide optimal protection while maintaining utmost clarity and precision. These lenses are expertly crafted to sift through different light wavelengths, ensuring a seamless perception of natural colors and facilitating a truly comfortable visual experience.

  • Tactical Portfolio: Engineered Ballistic Eyewear for the Toughest Environments.

BSSI’s dedicated Tactical product lineup is designed for special operators who navigate in the most extreme environments and undertake critical missions.

This collection of military-grade glasses and goggles, fine-tuned for the field, are certified to the highest global ballistic standards, including the esteemed MIL (U.S. military standards) and the widely recognized STANAG (NATO countries’ military standard). These certifications stand as sentinels of maximum ballistic protection for all active members who demand top-tier safeguarding. Moreover, a selection of models within this portfolio, most notably the goggles, are resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. Their panoramic vision ensures optimal comfort and exceptional visual acuity.

  • Performance Portfolio: Safeguarding Vision for First Responders and Shooting Enthusiasts.

First responders, including firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement, and emergency personnel, frequently find themselves confronting dangerous situations like fires and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Given the gravity of these risks, it is crucial they are equipped with the right protection. BSSI has created its Performance glasses collection showcasing advanced protective eyewear engineered to offer best-in-class safeguarding. This collection is designed to cater to the need of both on-duty and off-duty individuals who seek steadfast defense.

  • New Lifestyle Portfolio: Eco-friendly Sunglasses for Sun Protection and Style

BSSI introduces its new collection of premium, stylish sunglasses designed for outdoor use without any compromise on quality, style, and performance. This Lifestyle collection encompasses two upcoming sunglasses models set for release in September 2023: ALTUS and KNOX.

Engineered for lightweight comfort with a stylish aesthetic, these sunglasses effectively filter 100% of UVA and UVB rays, assuring optimal protection against the sun’s harmful effects. Both ALTUS and KNOX are EN166 S-certified, providing heightened shielding against medium-energy impacts, ensuring safety during any outdoor activities. Tailored to the needs of both on-duty and off-duty professionals, these models offer a choice between Smoke or Polarized CSP lenses. The Smoke CSP lens features the exclusive PLATINUM technology for utmost protection against fog and scratches, while the Polarized lens showcases BSSI’s PLATINUM LITE technology, for a robust defense against similar nuisances.

Beyond their protective attributes, these models are also eco-friendly: ALTUS is made from 22.6% bio-based polyamide of the total product weight, while KNOX incorporates 28.6% of bio-based polyamide of the total product weight.

Whether relaxing outdoors or engaging in activities, ALTUS and KNOX are designed to meet the needs of professionals, ensuring reliable protection against UV rays and medium-energy impacts. These eco-friendly sunglasses not only offer superior eye protection but also contribute to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Visit Bollé Safety Standard Issue on booth #N135 in Hall 5 at The Emergency Services Show, Birmingham from Sept, 19th to 20th.