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CCTV Acquisition Series

Amped Software Stand: 4/G83
CCTV Acquisition Series
Introduction to CCTV Acquisition

Welcome to this new Amped Software blog series on CCTV Acquisition. In this fortnightly series, we hope to break down some misconceptions and challenges, but also provide some solutions for the initial recovery of video evidence from surveillance systems. 

In any investigation, whether it is criminal, civil, or even within an internal business, evidence is sought to answer a question or belief and, subsequently, identify if an allegation is true or false. Most people are aware that witness evidence is when someone can state they saw or did something. There is then physical evidence, such as a document, a fingerprint on a glass, or an item of clothing found in a street. The item of clothing may later be found to have no connection with the investigation. Finding it, recovering it correctly, and the analysis of it, must all be done in a manner that does not affect its value during any other part of the investigation. 

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