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CPS Transforms Work Management Within leading UK Police Force with Project for the Web and The Power Platform

CPS (Corporate Project Solutions) Stand: Microsoft Partner Pavilion
UK police forces are faced with extreme challenges from lack of resources, technology restraints and reduced budget. At the same time, they are expected to deliver improved services and keep the communities they serve, safe. Ensuring they continue to drive efficiencies and innovation whilst reducing technical debt and costs is a cornerstone of their operations and fundamental to their ongoing success.

New ways of working   

Continuous Policing Improvement Command (CPIC) plays a fundamental role in supporting its mission to keep UK major city safe. CPIC delivers ambitious organisational reforms to ensure better supports the public, equips its staff, and operates with confidence in the most challenging times.  

Within CPIC, the Stakeholder Management team is responsible for business management, capacity management, performance analysis, skills development, and professional standards. It plans the distribution of workload across the Command to improve resource management and staff support. 

The Challenge of resource allocation 

A recent internal review identified a significant issue, the Stakeholder Management team had no clear oversight of day-to-day work in CPIC. This was affecting its ability to allocate resources correctly, measure performance, and prioritise operational demands based on that measurement and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) 

“We faced a number of challenges,” explains one Inspector from Stakeholder Management. “The team works with a wide array of specialist groups, including staff who support senior officers outside CPIC. This made it particularly difficult to track project and resource data. There were also weaknesses in our processes for capture the information required, we lacked a standard and consistent way to manage and share it.”   

Simple and powerful   

The Stakeholder Management team looked for help to resolve the issues. They wanted an external partner, able to support a large and complex organisation with a solution to fit their Microsoft technology strategy. CPS were recommended as a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner. CPS was asked to design and implement a new approach to Project and Resource Management for the Stakeholder Management team.  

“The Stakeholder Management team had a good grasp of their requirements and what the business needed. CPS were excellent at quickly understanding those requirements, recognising the business challenges we faced, and suggesting the best way to resolve them.” 

Following a series of Discovery Workshops, CPS recommended Microsoft Project for the web to provide simple and powerful work management capabilities. The tool is easily used by Stakeholder Management, Project Managers and team members to plan and manage project work and resource requirements of any scale. Senior Management can obtain accurate and comprehensive reports to help them meet Key Performance Indicators and plan capacity, resource and employee support requirements.  

Colleagues had already been using Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate. Project for the web is a natural integrator within Teams. Users can easily access the latest information on resource usage, project tasks completed, budget status, and project milestones from Project for the web and share it with each other via Microsoft Teams.  

Driving efficiencies and doing more with less  

The speed of the CPS implementation for 230 users ensured that the Police leveraged capabilities as soon as possible and delivered an immediate Return on Investment.  

“Feedback has been really good,” and our technical experience is limited, so we expected to have some teething issues. Any difficulties have been minor, and CPS has helped us to resolve them quickly.” 

 The solution provides the team with much better oversight and visibility of work across the Command. Progress against Key Performance Indicators can then be accurately monitored. The Command will be more aligned in business processes and be able to see where extra support is needed, and better equipped to deal with changing demands.   

“Like many Police Forces, our resources are constrained, and we always drive efficiencies and do more with less. The only way we can respond when urgent new work comes in is to be clear about where we have available capacity. Ability to cope with new policing demands is of course critical to the public and to our own staff.”    

The relationship between the Police Force and CPS is set to continue and CPS has been recommended to other Commands within the Force.   

Business benefits  

  •   Standard and consistent capture, management and reporting of resource utilisation and tracking of key milestones  
  • Performance accurately assessed through Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting   

  • Enhanced resource forecasting and allocation enabling an agile response to new demands.   



Project for the web, supported by Power Platform and Microsoft Teams, has transformed their ability to track work, manage resources and hit key KPI’s. Collaboration is simple and effective while senior management have the reports they need at their fingertips to help make key strategic decisions.  

Products and Services   

Project for the web, Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Automated Reporting, CPS Professional Services  



Meet CPS:  

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