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21 Jun 2024

Cradlepoint 5G-Optimised NetCloud SASE Secures Agile Enterprises

Cradlepoint UK Stand: 4/B105
Zero-trust networks deployable, at scale, in as little as 6 minutes, addresses current industry void for simplified networking and security in dynamic environments

London, United Kingdom — April 24, 2024 —  Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network and security solutions, today launched its single vendor Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, NetCloud SASE. Designed to serve agile enterprises, NetCloud SASE integrates cellular-centric SD-WAN and security into a fully unified solution. The cloud-delivered platform enables lean IT teams to provision true zero-trust networks in as little as 6 minutes.

IDC forecasts that the 5G and 4G/LTE Enterprise Wireless WAN market will reach $5.5 billion in revenue by 2027. While this adoption allows organisations to extend their reach and move services closer to customers, an influx of connected devices increases the attack surface. This is driving the need for simplified, scalable, and specialised SASE solutions that extend beyond fixed sites to secure dynamic environments, such as shifting locations, roaming vehicles, multiplying IoT devices and employees connecting from anywhere.

“Cradlepoint has more than a decade of experience simplifying cellular networking for enterprises operating in the most challenging environments on the planet,” said Pankaj Malhotra, Head of Enterprise Networking and Cybersecurity Products, Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson. “We are now enhancing the simplicity of enterprise-class network security for even the leanest IT organisations by introducing a SASE solution that integrates cellular, SD-WAN, and security in a unified platform.”

NetCloud SASE’s unique design elements include:

Cellular Optimisation: Delivers Wireless WAN optimisations that preserve bandwidth, improve performance, and deliver a 5G standalone slicing-ready solution. SD-WAN with intelligent bonding provides a zero loss WAN for mission-critical communications from vehicles and sites.
Unparalleled Simplicity: While many SASE vendors have focused on unifying management across multiple disjointed products, Cradlepoint NetCloud SASE is based on a clean, single pass architecture that delivers one platform, one policy engine and a consistent provisioning experience across all services.
Zero Trust Built in Rather Than Bolted On: Combines security with the network creation process to construct a zero-trust foundation that is deny-all by default. The solution also obscures all IP addresses and blocks east west traffic, minimising the attack surface and preventing lateral movement, as the network grows and scales.
Powerful Isolation Technology to Block Zero-day Exploits: Offers a zero-trust approach to web and email security by leveraging Remote Browser Isolation to completely airgap users from malicious web activity. Without impacting the browsing experience, the solution protects organisations against phishing attacks (even when a user clicks on the link), retains intellectual property from potential leaks and disarms embedded malware in attachments.
Robust Security for Unmanaged Devices: Replacing the common practise of providing clientless browser-based access for unmanaged devices, NetCloud SASE uses isolation-based security to airgap corporate applications from unmanaged devices — mitigating the risk of malware infection.
“Streamlining the transition from wired to wireless WAN, NetCloud SASE provides a common networking and security policy engine and consistent provisioning experience across all SASE features,” says GigaOm Sr. Industry Analyst Ivan McPhee based on GigaOm’s Radar Report that named Cradlepoint a Challenger and Outperformer in SASE.

The early access version of NetCloud SASE is available immediately. General availability will follow in late Q2 2024. To learn more about Cradlepoint security capabilities, please visit our NetCloud SASE page.

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