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03 Oct 2022

D-Tech Release Annual Customer Satisfaction Statistics

D Tech International Stand: 4/G75
D-Tech Release Annual Customer Satisfaction Statistics
D-Tech International is pleased to announce a 97.9% customer satisfaction rating over the past 12 months. After the initial installation of our products, or after receiving support, D-Tech reaches out to all its customers for feedback in an attempt to maintain and improve an exceptional standard of customer care. Here are the results from September 21/22.

September 2021 to September 2022

97.9% of customers were satisfied with the service from D-Tech International

90.6% of customers said D-Tech International’s service was awesome!


What did our customers say?

In the effort to maintain the quality of aftercare and our ongoing support service, D-Tech encourages all customers to provide verbal feedback as well as digital. This is provided in comment form:  

“I am delighted that we are building a great working relationship with your support team. This is a refreshing experience that some other companies I deal with have failed to achieve. Nothing seems too much bother. Thank you.”

“You guys are just amazing! A true honour to deal with!”

“Your support is always excellent, and we love your computer locker cabinets! Thank you.”

“This was really my first-time contacting, your support. The support experience exceeded my expectations.”

“Working with D-Tech support, whether via email or during remote sessions, is usually a very smooth experience. I am confident that the technicians know their products and really do want to help. I work with other tech suppliers from time to time so I know what bad service looks like.”

How does D-Tech deliver industry-leading support?

D-Tech’s dedication to customer services is based on the simple and easy process of providing the very best support and aftercare to all our customers in an effort to allow them to feel confident in their capabilities and deliver showstopping service to their customers using D-Tech products and technology.

Over the years, D-Tech has built a strong foundation in the library technology industry and established itself as a forward-thinking developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative library and RFID technology solutions.

The expert in-house knowledge of our team provides customers with confidence that D-Tech support staff hold the required technical skill to pinpoint their issues and the necessary expertise to find the right solution.

Our excellent customer service record is centred around an emphasis on in-person contact and support, with the technology provider offering a full training session and system health checking upon the first installation. Plus, as a manufacturer as well as a supplier, D-Tech has easy access to the full range of our products, including spares.

D-Tech’s Support Team

D-Tech is only able to deliver such impressive rates of customer service success thanks to its investment in people. A big part of what we do at D-Tech is centred around creating happy staff. Happy staff, happy customers!

Our team of nationwide mechanics, engineers and technical consultants supplemented by software developers and a team of engineers based at their head office in Suffolk.

D-Tech is fully committed and dedicated to continuing the professional development of its staff and ensuring employees are fulfilled in their roles by encouraging an environment which allows creativity to flourish and achievements to be fully recognised.

At D-Tech International, we recognise that not every customer is the same, which is why we offer a range of customer support packages providing varying levels of coverage. These support packages are designed to suit and meet the needs of all our customers. The company’s customer support provision includes its service team alongside help desks and the D-Tech online ticketing support system, which allows customers to report issues 24/7.

To find out more about D-Tech’s range of high-powered technology solutions call today on 01394 420077 or visit: