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10 May 2023

Electric Vehicle Containment Unit (EVCU)

Fire Containers Ltd Stand: Hall 5 / OS168
Electric Vehicle Containment Unit (EVCU)
Electric Vehicle Containment Unit (EVCU) - A worlds first!
Introducing the EVCU

The Electric Vehicle Containment Unit (EVCU) is the worlds first mobile self sufficient unit to deal with EV incidents and being able to remove them from the roadway quickly and safely.

The main difference between the EVCU and other solutions is this is not a submersion unit as major vehicle manufacturers state their batteries should NOT be submerged in water as this can initiate or accelerate thermal runaway. In addition, submersion tactics creates huge amounts of contaminated water. The EVCU utilises the principal of water turning to steam (expansion ratio) to suppress fire development around the vehicle or to continually cool battery compartments to help prevent thermal runaway from developing within the battery compartment.