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Live-streaming body-worn cameras: enhancing safety and security in real-time

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Live-streaming body-worn cameras: enhancing safety and security in real-time
Live-streaming body-worn cameras in action Example use cases for Excelerate’s ‘Exstream’ body-worn camera

Live-streaming body-worn cameras are a crucial tool in maintaining safety and security in a multitude of environments and enable immediate response to critical situations, improved accountability, and transparency as well as improved safety for the wearer.

Here at Excelerate, we are at the forefront of providing live-streaming body-worn cameras that we have designed and developed to meet the needs of emergency responders by offering real-time video footage that can be streamed to any authorised location, providing an immediate and accurate view of any event as it unfolds.

Take a closer look at how Excelerate’s Exstream body-worn camera works in this short video with Chief Technical Officer, Simon Hill.


The Environment Agency uses body-worn cameras for all the crews working onboard their ICU (Incident Command Unit). This enables their control room to react quickly to information being shared through the camera and to monitor the welfare of their colleagues at the location of an incident. This helps to improve response times, minimise risks and improve the overall efficiency of the agency’s emergency response efforts.

The PSNI, the police service of Northern Ireland, also utilise body-worn cameras in their ICU. In the event of a major incident, their officers wear cameras and share situational awareness with the neighbouring fire services and ambulance trust. This helps to coordinate a more effective and efficient response to the incident, whilst ensuring the safety of all involved.

The Gibraltar Health Authority uses body-worn cameras on their paramedics, enabling their senior team at the hospital to decide which patients need to be brought to the hospital and which can be treated at home. The real-time footage provided by the cameras can be used to make informed decisions and bring healthcare closer to patients.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have equipped their Incident Command Unit with four body-worn cameras. This allows each Sector Commander to send situational awareness back to the vehicle, providing valuable information to the Incident Commander to help deal with the incident more effectively. The cameras capture live footage and can be used to provide a real-time view of what is happening on the ground, helping to coordinate operations and enhance overall response times.

Clandestine Channel Threat Command, part of the UK Home Office, uses body-worn cameras for their teams working on the coastline around Dover. This is particularly useful in situations where officers need additional support or when other emergency services are required on-site. The cameras provide a live feed back to the Command Room, which enables the team to make informed decisions and react quickly to changing situations.

Excelerate’s ‘Exstream’ body-worn camera is a popular choice among emergency responders and is currently aiding many other services including Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, Fire Service College, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, Gwent Police and more.

The solution is now being utilised across a number of other sectors including healthcare, utilities, security and maritime.